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Desc:Union Square won't be the same without him (RIP, 1934-2009)
Category:Advertisements, Arts
Tags:New York City, carrots, salesman, Joe Ades
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Yellow Lantern
Oh shit! I wondered why I hadn't seen him in a while. Thanks for posting this.
Frank Rizzo
oh no a true hero is no more.
Fuck you, you miserable twat. I haven't even watched this video but I guarantee this dude who cut carrots for a living will be more sorely missed than you.

Frank Rizzo
I thought that would get a rise out of someone.

Is it lonely under your bridge?

5 stars for anybody keeping the art of the street vendor alive.

When I lived in NYC I walked by Union Square every day and I never noticed him. What the hell?

I really want one of those fancy slicer-peelers. Even beyond the grave he's an excellent salesman.
Looks like you can buy them online, at http://www.simplygoodstuff.com/star_peeler.html

But it doesn't seem right to be buying it there.

My wife and I have been saying for a few years that buying a Star Peeler from him would be one of the last things we did before leaving the city, if we leave the city. Wish we'd done so - I saw him on the street probably twice a week over the last few years.

In conclusion, fuck ShamWow Vince - this is how it's done.

I want one of those. Partly because I stir fry a lot and a freaking hate using the mandolin, and partly because I'm just sold.

What a character. Wish I knew about him sooner; I would have paid a visit.
Neither red wine, nor Alex Chiu's magnets saved this man from the grave. God DAMN you, Trans-fats!
Mike Tyson?!
I want this slicer right now. RIGHT NOW.
When my best friend moved to NYC a few years ago for school, she drew a picture of this guy and mailed it to me. She was so excited about him, and I didn't really get it. I never got a chance to see him when I visited there, and I regret not doing that now.
You had me at potato.
Jesus fuck this guy can sell.
Well, could.

I want to buy this potato peeler. Oh god, I need to buy this potato peeler.
dude is legit
Frank Rizzo
you're black

Big Beef Burritos Supreme
What did he do with all the carrots he killed? Bunny farm?
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