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Desc:Guest introduction crosses the line, retaliation ensues
Category:Classic TV Clips, Arts
Tags:sex, Late Show, profanity, charles barkley, one-word answers
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Comment count is 15
No rating. I fucking hate Madonna, and always have.
Letterman is one of the few people on Earth who can constantly gets away with this sort of thing. Five stars forever.
Binro the Heretic
To Hell with Madonna. I'm glad her fade to obscurity is nearly complete.

She's unattractive, untalented and got into the spotlight by looking and acting as slutty as possible then wanted to act all offended when people made jokes about her being slutty.
You mean like Britney Spears and every other pop tart in history?

I would love to see just -what- he said to her doing those commercial breaks.
C. Eloi Marx
5 stars (and a favouriting) for one of the last dying gasps of fun Madonna to exist before her brutal murder at the hands of "artistic" Madonna and her cruel faux-English accent.
Here here...I think the murder was finally complete sometime in early 2003.

wtf japan
She's kind of stupid, isn't she? It doesn't seem like anyone has ever told her this.
Dave has never been good around a hostile guest, with this being to only exception. Usually he just gets pissy.
Tuan Jim
Why do people even watch Jay Leno?
Prickly Pete
They are both stupid. "Untrue rumor, isn't that an oxymoron?" "No, some rumors are true." That exchange makes no sense. Dave confused oxymoron with redundancy...
A rumor is gossip that is not verified. You confused oxymoron with redundancy.

Frank Rizzo
she's so different and wacky! Not at all an attention seaking poop head.
I've got it...Madonna has assburgers and here she is acting like a 14 year old who was accepted into the group of older girls that smoke in the bathroom.
Letterman always struck me as someone who might have been funny in the distant past. I just can't stand the current incarnation of "Killing Time with the Ghost of David Letterman" for more than 5 seconds at a time if he's not making fun of McCain over footage of the geezer getting his makeup done.

This, however, was watchable. Although Madonna is about a trillionth as clever as she thinks she is. I say trillionth because it's a number so large it's basically meaningless. The real fraction of her actual cleverness in relation to her imagined cleverness is so small that humans have yet to give it a name.
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