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Desc:He likes little debbies.
Category:Pets & Animals, Humor
Tags:fat, better animals, spider monkey, little debbie, waddle
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Comment count is 21
That is a chunky monkey. Bonus stars for the drool and waddle. Bring this monkey his remote!
Wow. That's is a fat fucking monkey. Like, that can't be healthy for the monkey.

At the very least, you know he isn't going to try and claw your face off, because that would require him getting off his fat fucking ass.
Gamara II
It's Tennessee. What else would you expect?

pray... for... mojo...
"I can't wait to eat that monkey..."

needs a Mojo tag

Or a "Kiddie Diabetes" tag


That monkey needs some meth.

diet drug of the stars

Someone needs to put Clyde on a diet or at least lay off with the Little Debbies.
The Orson Welles of monkeys.
James Woods
I believe Orson Welles is already the Orson Welles of monkeys.

Wonko the Sane
Someone wanted to show off thei awesome vocabulary.
Wonko the Sane
HA!, man do I suck.

Sudan no1
needs a gynecomastia tag
More primate abuse. I hope he doesn't rip someone's face off. His owners probably feed him BBQ as well.
So like us.
It was hanging out by the pine trees, sure the hell wasn't CLIMBING THEM.

Also, so in TN you can just keep spider monkeys?

wouldn't he be so darling a tiny stained wife beater? awwww
Error Again
Was he dragging poo?
Big Muddy
Waddling Hairy Buddha
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