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Desc:Closing the gap between the scholars and the insane...
Category:Arts, Trailers
Tags:cult, Cthulhu, Lovecraft, Neil Gaiman
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Rodents of Unusual Size
These guys are still better than anime nerds.
By virtue of at least being forced to read? I guess...

They're definitely better than the Bible nerds. They take that shit waaaay too seriously.

More "older" than "better." Possibly fatter?
Also, was Lovecraft a reptoid? Check out those eyes.

Also again, the british guy had a tribal tatoo...on his shirt?
I'm not a huge fan of what Lumley has done with the Cthulhu Mythos, but I will agree with him...hardcore Lovecraft fanatics scare me more than the eldritch horrors.

I love Lovecraft with an enormous passion and nothing makes me want to commit murder more than people who "adopt" his work like some kind of dumb, greasy, nerd badge that they can wear on their t-shirt and make shitty in-jokes about.

Oh and the dumb looking photo of him has been altered somehow. Of the few, rare photos of Lovecraft outdoors, in most of them his eyes are obscured in shadow by his large brow, giving him a weird, spooky look, but most certainly not bright little cat eyes. Nice try, fellas.
Stanley: isn't that what every kind of fandom does to what they like?

I watched this documentary in its entirety last night, and my one prevailing thought was, "This is like an extended POE video." And now, here it is. Synchronicity.

The scene with the sad-sack LARPer describing (what I'm assuming) was the best day of his life was certainly the best part, although the filmmaker's "Miskatonic Archival Footage" was wonderfully painful as well.
Good work on taking your camcorder and lav mic to an H.P. Lovecraft convention and badgering the people in the booths into talking about how weird Lovecraft fans are, then cutting it together to some stock Prokofiev music you found on the internet.
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