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This Clip is 1 of 7 Clips (1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7)
Desc:Meet women that fall in love with and have sex with objects.
Category:Educational, Nature & Places
Tags:SFW Fetish Week, sex with buildings, objectum sexuals, repressed lesbians
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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Rodents of Unusual Size
Believe me when I say this is worth watching all the way through.
wtf japan
I can attest to that. With every clip I found myself saying "it can't get any weirder than this. It can't."

It can.

The clip 6 argument over the Berlin Wall and clip 7 Eiffel Tower fucking were almost too much crazy.

I say, if you must skip, it is to part 4.

"I want your fluids."

wtf japan
Or the part where she fends off a sexual assailant in flight school with the samurai sword she had been fucking.

don't forget the pastor and the church banister

wtf japan
This is the strangest fetish I have ever seen. At least animal fuckers are in love with animate objects. And other fetishists aren't in love with their fetish, they just get sexual arousal from it. What the hell is wrong with these people?
I hope this doesn't catch on. Can you imagine spending a weekend putting up a picket fence in your front yard only to catch some weirdo with abandonment issues grinding their crotch on it the next day?

Ha ha. An elaborate joke. Good job getting suckered in, losers. Still, kudos for all these people for pushing the joke as far as it can go.

No. Shut up. This is a joke. You are an idiot for buying into it! And I'm supersmart for spotting the joke!
This is not a joke. I actually know this woman: I met her when she was in Berlin cheating on her "wife" with the Berlin Wall. She was furious about this documentary, since she thought she should get full control over its editing. She's really irritating, actually.

I really hate that dumb bitch. You can get the fact that she's horribly irritating just from the video.

Grace Mugabe
Don't worry drcrypt, no one will ask how you know her.

The Snickler
These women seem to get around. I wonder if fences get jealous.

Also, what would the kids look like? ::Shudders::

Innocent Bystander
Watch the whole things. Apparently inanimate objects are polygamous.

I'm just wondering what happens if the thing they love get dismantled or break down. Do they cry? Mourn it, maybe? I mean if you're in love with, say, a fence you can always put it back together.

wtf japan
That scenario is also explored by the doc, as one of the crazies mourns the destruction of the BERLIN FUCKING WALL.

It's not just the objects, either. The dumb bints who do it are also polygamous. They're actually strumpets. They fuck anything that doesn't move.

By far the most disturbing title + pre-load image combo on POETV.
I can never touch anything outside again.
Prickly Pete
I think we're counting out the half-brother who relentlessly mollested her for two years. He's more fucked up in the head than she is; her mind is just broken. And whoever mollested him is probably more fucked up than he is...
Adham Nu'man
That means that at the beginning of this chain of fucked-upness we have the molestiest guy ever. But who molested HIM? HA? WHO MOLESTED HIM?

If you are walking along a beach and find a molested watch in the sand...

Rodents of Unusual Size
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