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Desc:This game has not aged well.
Category:Video Games
Tags:blue, fork, Origin, Bioforge, teamwork
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Comment count is 25
Mike Tyson?!
Well the FALLING animations look pretty convincing.
Why did they give his cybernetic replacement pelvis a nut sack that feels pain? What a cruel joke.
Very Dali-esque. Needs a Piano and a cat.
So do 99% of the other videos here.

Games have a sordid past that they have to hide.
"I have no wish to harm you!", as he beats him with his own limb.
We are both victims, you and I. You, for instance, are the victim of a savage, unwarranted beatdown administered with your own mutilated limb as you tried to stand.

Whereas I am the victim of not being permitted to steal your fork.


We should work together, motherfucker!
You can tell it's from the golden age of computer games because it makes no freaking sense without the manual and the box art.
I don't remember this one, but any game where you beat a man with his own arm is A-OK in my book.
Is this what Xavier: Renegade Angel is based on?
I played this game back in the day. Better than a great deal of stuff that came out in the Multimedia era.
erection reset by queer
Can't we just all get along?
Now I want to scramble my brain somehow so that I can watch this without realizing the video game context
Yes, but now I want to know where the fork came from, who made it, why it's in the room with Caynan, why the hero wants it, if he needs it, where he needs it, any other parties to whom the fork may be relevant and some sort of conclusion to the fork's enormous drama.
Caminante Nocturno
I don't understand.
I don't know what it is, but I DO know the following:

I want an openGL remake of the engine.

I want a movie based on it to be released.
Wonko the Sane
One-arm should have commanded the fork to destroy him.
I played the demo; this fight was about the only thing you could do. The phrase "IF YOU'VE COME FOR THE FORK YOU'LL BE SORELY DISAPPOINTED" will be with me forever.
The blue guy's rambling journal entries were the only interesting body of text in the game.
Mister Yuck
Shiny metal ass.
Leaves out one of the best lines in gaming from this scene:

"I shall pattern my life on the random loopings of your entrails!"
Stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself.
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