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Artist:Saul Williams
Category:Music Videos, Rap Hip-Hop
Tags:Bloody, u2, sunday
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Comment count is 2
Cool video and good song, but I'm never sure what homeless advocates are on about. The type of homeless Williams is portraying here are homeless because they're either on drugs, crazy, or both. In order to not be homeless anymore they need some sort of help with those problems, but you can't really force a crazy crack head to do anything without more or less putting him in jail or otherwise making him do things he probably doesn't want to do. What's to be done in that situation that doesn't amount to rounding up the homeless and forcing them into state run clinics?
It goes to the original question of human ethics: Am I my brother's keeper?

I'd rather see mental health facilities properly funded & people get the help they need, than see them suffer & die on city streets.

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