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Desc:How to boil a cabbage - classic guide from World War 2
Category:Classic Movies, Short Films
Tags:food, ww2, World War 2, public information films
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Comment count is 12
Beat back the Hun with cabbage water gravy
Charlie nicked me cabbage!

Jane, you dumb bitch. Go fetch the boys and have an illegitimate child while you're at it.
christ, what an embarrassing failure that Jane is
pressed peanut sweepings
The children in this film apparently have no names.

One of the more relevant episodes from the Chronicles of Narnia.
That's all they get for lunch, a few leaves of cabbage? Man, WWII sucked.

My mom was born in 37 in and lived in London when she was 4 until the Germans bombed and they had to move out to a small cottage in the country. She said food was pretty scarce until rationing ended in the mid-50's.

dora's cough
oh i want to give it ever so many stars
Everything is more important coming from a Ministry.

These cooks really should have collaborated beforehand. Remember: wastefulness is treason.
why is this so fucking hilarious
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