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Desc:Best one yet.
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:Trailer, spy, valve, TF2, Team Fortress 2
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Comment count is 68
No. Shit.

Syd Midnight
I just remembered a story. My dad's high school principal did the "Gentlemen" thing just like the spy does. My dad learned to imitate it, so he'd walk into the bathroom and clear his throat and say "Gentlemen.." and all the guys would flush their cigarettes at once.

CHARACTER INTERACTION. Please, a movie? A half-hour special? Chet? You know this is bigger than all of us.
Animated series, dammit! ANIMATED SERIES!

I find myself at times loving Team Fortress 2 singularily for the character interactions; if not for the balance and frantic action. These movies continually balance between all of the things I like most about the game itself.

I'm completely ready to give it my personal "Best Game Ever" award.

Syd Midnight
I know Valve doesn't want the risk of trying to develop a series, but being machinima it would probably be easy to produce as long as the writing holds out.

"Red vs Blue" was Adult Swim quality, and you could edit the entire series into a funny hour and a half.

No! Zat would be Your Mother!
There's never a pyro when you need one.
Yeah there is, baby.


Caminante Nocturno
See, this is why the spy is the best class.
Good, but I still like "The Sandvich" better.
Holy Jesus, but that was great.
Valve is committing a crime daily by not developing this franchise into an RPG.
I don't think it'd be that hard to turn this into a TRPG if you felt like it. You'd just need to figure out the Class abilities of the characters as well as statting the gadgets or other things they can use. After that you'd need some rules for capturing the base and how many times you can respawn.

Syd Midnight
An RPG would be horrible, but it would make a good cheap boardgame where you can lay down a map of Dustbowl say, and have people start moving tokens and rolling dice right away.

Caminante Nocturno
No, we need a JRPG of Team Fortress 2. Whispery J-pop and effeminate sniper with his hair blowing in the wind.

That's what we need.

You know that's not true.

Don't be cruel.

You ain't kiddin.
Man Who Fights Like Woman
What? Yes!
Needs a "your mother" tag
Holy shit YES. Fuck YES a million times.

There are not enough stars in the universe for this one.
I love that when I first saw the scout trying to get into the intel room I thought, "Man, that's totally the spy," but then the dialog made me forget that until the very end.

Great stuff.
Sweet jesus, who writes these?
How do these keep getting better? This was pretty much the best thing I ever saw.
And Then Explosions
A star for each time I watched it.
This right here is why I love Team Fortress 2 so much.
You don't...

... you don't understand.

I have waited so long for this.
AAAAHHHHaoooalright then.

red spy rules

who animates these? valve folks? 'cause good fucking work, guys
Goethe and ernie
Holy fucking shit. Perfect start to a Sunday morning.
Each one of these is better than the last.
"Red! No, wait. That's blood."
Binro the Heretic
I always suck as a Spy, but have the utmost respect for those that can play them well.

Snipers on the other hand, can suck it.


Still prefer the Black Scottish Cyclops personally, but this is pretty fucking awesome.

Did Erik write this one too?
Now he's coming to FUCK US.
Also I thought it might have been the Scout at first but then he pricked himself with the knife and I thought not. Turns out the Red Spy is just that good.

Binro the Heretic
I was expecting him to just un-cloak in the shadows and kill all three of them.

Syd Midnight
I was hoping they'd do a clip with the unused game voices where it turns out the spy is really, really bad at disguises and impersonations, it just turns out the other characters are dumb enough to believe you're a blue scout if you're wearing a paper mask and a sign on your chest that says "BLU SCOUT"

That would have been cheating Binro, but I do wish I had seen a little hot uncloak/stabby action.

However, this was completely mitigated and then some by A GODDAMN KNIFE FIGHT.

Only the utmost respect for the folks at Valve and whoever had a hand in these shorts. Sorry it got leaked early.

With the 3D Realms news, it's a good time to reflect on how well TF2 came out of development hell and how well it gets it jokes across. Here but for the grace of God, we all could be watching a demo reel of the Heavy saying he's going to shit down the neck of a Pyro, or something retarded like that.
Man, awesome.
Somebody else pointed out that the Sniper ordered a Razorback, the anti-spy shield which prevents backstabs, but hadn't yet taken it out of the box (look when he grabs his kukri).
Beyonce Knowles
Marry me, Spy!
Yeah this is pretty funny.
B. Weed
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaall right then.

Also stabbity in time to the theme music.
Everything about TF2 keeps getting better and better. So much love for this.

I'm slightly hungover and this makes everything better :D
Corman's Inferno
111... uh, 1!
La Loco

Somebody wants attention. Well here ya go pum'kin.

Aren't you that lolcat troll? Are you sure you couldn't have worked a 'can I has' into this comment? Practice a bit more and I'll see you when Meet the Pyro comes out.

HAhah, I hope you see the irony in this.

you are always a faggot

nothing you contribute will ever mean a damn

Unlike my colleagues, I congratulate you. It takes courage to be so blatantly stupid. Kudos to you.

La Loco I'm pretty sure you've down-voted every video and I never understood why, but it all makes sense now. You're obviously just way cooler than everyone here.

La Loco
Can I has nerd anger?


Baby Finster
5 stars alone for the "your mother" joke.

However, the soldier's method for spy detection is perfectly valid (that, or he could have run into him and see if he passed through).
Syd Midnight
Yeah.. how could the soldier hurt his own spy unless friendly fire was on? I've only seen 1 FF server and as you'd expect, the spawn rooms were inescapable slaughterhouses.

I bet the Soldier's unlocks are going to cause grief to everyone else.

My life is complete. I could get backstabbed right now and not care.
I feel such happiness right now.

Such happiness and joy.
That was the best one since the soldier, no question.
Killer Joe
I am the worst spy. The one, on fire, trying to decide whether to sap the sentry or backstab the engi? That's me. Which makes this even more beautiful.
Well I'm off to stab somebody.
j lzrd / swift idiot
And yet, you know for a fact that if the trend of these getting better and better keeps up, Meet the Medic and Meet the Pyro are going to have us all violently spitting up beer and coffee onto our monitors.

Just noticed that the sniper over the spy's shoulder doesn't have his glasses but when he's turned over on the table, he does. I'd guess the disguised spy put them back while the soldier, spy, and heavy weren't looking.
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