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Desc:christian weston chandler's life ... as an AMV
Category:Humor, Horror
Tags:Anime, Evangelion, cwc, Chris-Chan, nge
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Comment count is 15
I.. wow. My only wish is that he somehow worked "RECYCLING" into the montage.
wtf japan
Well done. I started losing it at the Sonichu silhouettes.
I wasn't expecting much thinking you couldn't show anything but various pics of him in front of his webcam, but damn that guy has put a lot of his life on the internet.
Rodents of Unusual Size
This man really truly is the Henry Darger of Youtube.

Caminante Nocturno
Confusing, depressing, and ultimately pointless.

Good choice.
Maybe the author can make an ''End of Evangelion'' themed one when the Chris-chan saga reaches its inevitable, bloody conclusion.

Man Who Fights Like Woman
Not a good choice to watch this while other people are trying to sleep.
these stars are for the dildo-stepping as the bridge kicks in
Neon Genesis was pretty coo...


These stars are for whomever can explain this to me.
Evangelion or Chris-chan?

One seems to be about a strangely pre-traumatized youth in his search for love against a backdrop of insanity and world ending conflict, the other's about theo-robo-monsters who try to smash the same city over and over again.

memedumpster's first description works for both.

I fucking died when the silhouettes of Sonic and Pikachu went by.
big pincers
this is the only chris chan video i will watch. the others couldn't possibly live up to this
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