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Desc:Features Corinthians 5:17 hoedown
Category:Classic TV Clips, Religious
Tags:Donuts, kids, puppets, indoctrination, Everything is Terrible
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Comment count is 16
Disappointed that the chorus of "Blood! Blood! Blood!" never quite came.
everything is terrible seems intent on reminding me how awful my childhood was.
wtf japan
My pain is your pain.

I went to see this guy at a church when I was a kid. Nice guy!

Then again, he was a nice guy who was using doughnuts to teach kids the truth of the sole surviving Roman mystery religion.

Ah, well. Was Christ the jelly-filled doughnut? Those were always my favorites.
Architeuthis Tux
So the jelly donuts are an oblique reference to the older teacher passing on Gnosis to his young charges? Is that trimorphic Protennoia he's holding at the end?

Well, it's not the trimorphic Protennoia. Granted, jelly is the perfect Glory, but you can see it leaking out of the doughnut, so it's not the immeasurable Invisible One who is hidden. There was no transfer of my love of jelly, so it can't be Gnosis, either.

Man, I want a doughnut right about now.

If Jesus knew what I've been doing with my own God-crafted doughnut, he'd be turning in his fake grave. 5 stars for the speak-only-when-spoken-to-or-get-spanked-and-or-molested looks on the zombie-children's faces.


I bet this guy totally fucked every single donut and put cum on them As long as none of the ones you ate were glazed you should have been ok.

I'm terrified.
evil incarnate
The aprons don't tell you what the aprons hold, but what kind of people are wearing them.
As someone said when they first linked to this on PoE-News, it's like they're in a political cartoon.

That donut was speaking in tongues.

Also, the blood of Jesus is apparently currency. You can apparently buy and sell children in a Jesus blood based economy.
So they run a store that makes talking doughnuts, which they sell to customers who will eat said talking doughnuts. And everyone involved, even the talking doughnuts themselves, are A-OK with this arrangement.

No, wait, they run a store that "repairs" garbage doughnuts for selling to customers at reduced rates. That makes even more sense.

Also I'm pretty sure those kids are lip-syncing.
Testicles of Doom
At this rate, that wall on the Mexican border will never be finished.
Rodents of Unusual Size
He shed his blood for us! (chuckling laughter)
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