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Desc:A song about the apocolypse, with an audience of children.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Horror
Tags:Tiny Tim, The Other Side, Horrified Children
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Comment count is 16
Michael Jackson only wishes he was this creepy...

The Townleybomb
Rest in peace, you crazy falsetto fuck.
Spit Spingola
We're all going to have a swimming time!
Very apt that this video has an ID featuring 666.

I love Tiny Tim so much. He changed my childhood.

Also, Apocalypse.

I love how the audience is divided between kids who find it great and some kids who are obviously pissing their pants.
John Holmes Motherfucker
Sort of like the adults who watch Glenn Beck today.

It's stuff like this that convinces me Tiny Tim was more than a novelty act. He was as legitimate and serious a musician as Zappa, Lennon, Dylan or Hendrix.

Defining personality of the 60s.
Well yeah.

All it takes to come to that conclusion is listening to GOD BLESS TINY TIM in its entirety.

As Irwin Chusid put it: "When Tiny Tim died, it was like a library burning down."

John Holmes Motherfucker
There was a great interview of Tiny Tim by Terry Gross on "Fresh Air", Probably available on NPR.org.

Also, the Criterion dvd set of the Monterey Pop Festival has, as bonus footage, a short concert that Tiny Tim played to a small crowd the night before the main festival. He's playing in a tiny room lit mainly by matches.

It's as amazing to watch as the Otis Redding footage.
Jimmy Labatt
This guy fucking rules
Jimmy Labatt
Also that is probably the greatest preview image I have seen on here yet.

No one does existential terror like this anymore.
Banal Intercourse
Were television executives more permissive or just more dense back then because... fuck! There's no way in hell that this could air today.
John Holmes Motherfucker
The most ironic thing about the seventies is that we were all going around talking about how boring it was, and wishing it was the still the sixties.

Every once in a while, incredible footage from the seventies shows up, and you realize how freewheeling TV was back then, in ways that I personally didn't appreciate. I saw a clip recently in a documentary of Iggy Pop on "The Dinah Shore show", explaining his early industrial influences to Ms Shore, who looks a little puzzled, while a grinning David Bowie looks on. Pure gold.

I pray that somewhere , someone has preserved every minute of the Mike Douglas show, where Tiny Tim was cohost for an entire week of shows. So was Louis Armstrong. So was John Lennon and Yoko Ono. (Rhino has a box set of that, which I have long thought of purchasing).

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