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Desc:Homer foils Mr. Burns break in attempt
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Simpsons, cheese, homer, the simpsons, Mr Burns
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Comment count is 29
The Townleybomb
Yay, forgot all about this one.
Mike Tyson?!
Man Hulu owns.
don't front

hulu buttfucking parties, i swear to god

Frank Rizzo
you're quite fond of buttfucking.

personal favorite simpsons moment ever right there, ladies & gents
Jet Bin Fever
Seasons 5 and 6 were the absolute best. Then Who Shot Mr. Burns came at the end of 6 and it was a slow decline... 10 and on are completely unwatchable.
i actually think the last season was watchable. (or at least the last five episodes, which i coincidentally saw on hulu) better than futurama or family guy anyway

Caminante Nocturno
5 for the noise Ned makes.
I also like that he hits 3 or 4 things on the way down

Counterpoint: the noise Smithers makes.

I just rediscovered this.

It was like rediscovering love.

William Burns
5-Starred for Hulu
The EuroPEEans wish they could get Hulu, just as the wish they could get American Cheese.

lol wut?

Caminante Nocturno
Hey, if they want that, all they have to do is read your posts.

Thank you Caminante

also, America makes many a fine thing, but cheese isn't one of them

I think I'm blind!
a flaming monkey
I can't watch this, but I know this scene back to front, so I 5.
I watched it twice, once for you and once for my wonderful memory.

up all night eating cheese
I like how Hulu put an ad for Speed Stick up in the corner right when Burns gassed Flanders. It made me think that it was Speed Stick-brand sleeping gas.
I love you, Hulu!
I type this in place of a pretty lengthy screed I'd written about Hulu and foreigners and taking up the white man's burden. Read what I wrote and just couldn't let it go out there.
ah the golden years
Can't see the clip, but 5 stars for the Hulu tag in the title. ^__^
Best bit of the entire show.
Let's not get carried away here.

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