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Desc:i can think of a few good applications for this
Category:Science & Technology, Video Games
Tags:3D, augmented reality, iphone, tracking, ptam
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Comment count is 14
please please please please soon soon soon soon
This would be pretty cool for tabletop miniatures games and their ilk.
Finally, Apple has an app that simulates the effects of alcohol withdrawel!
Big Beef Burritos Supreme
Suddenly, kittens. Everywhere.

Not to mention the best version of Desktop Defense.
I'm impression. I've never seen an application do this kind of realtime environment tracking without glyphs.

More exciting of a prospect is goggles using this technology. If you had some sort of haptic feedback gloves (or suit) we could pretty much have a holodeck in any large open space.
dude...... you're absolutely right....

You could cover up black and brown people with a lily white skin! You could end racism!

can't wait for the next 'generic computer task ON AN IPHONE' story to do the rounds
Ah...yeah...boo...I totally hate having fun in the palm of my hand!

...My computer doesn't do this... Is there something wrong with it?

j lzrd / swift idiot
that is totally rad. i guess Jobs has earned his new liver by providing this platform
-2: because there is a video lag of about 1 second.

+2: because they shot a video of an iPhone by crudely attaching another iPhone to it.

Since I accidentally replied to zato, let me continue by saying that I am in favor of murdering healthy young people and sacrificing their organs to Steve Jobs if doing so means that in the future I will have cool toys.

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