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Desc:Oh good, I was wondering what revelation had to say about Obama. From the coprophet of the end times
Category:Religious, News & Politics
Tags:Bible, prophecy, end times, obama, revelation
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Comment count is 13
Sammy Barnathan
Pretty sure this is a dupe, but the video's no longer working on the original.
This had me at "third eagle of the apocalypse."
Crazy mofo.

pressed peanut sweepings
When did Dr. Breen become born-again?
This guy reminds me of Patrick McManus, outdoorsman satirist and former editor of Field & Stream:
McManus's books of essays are great. This video would get 5 just for reminding me to think about his dog, Strange.

Barack Obama is the King of the South? What?
"The leopard, of course, is the United States of America."
Yeah, that got me.

That is awesome crazy. Like towering nutty-fucker loopfroot crazy.
Putin Vs Obama!
Five stars for leaving himself an out for his prophecy. "if enough people pray, the damage may be lessened..." That's smarter than a few people who made predictions that left no wiggle room for getting out of a failed prediction.

Of course, it also means he knows he's talking completely made up crap.
James Woods
The anti-james randi
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