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Desc:The shame of being talked down by a man wearing pants like those.
Category:Classic Movies, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:vanilla ice, cool as ice, ACTING!, What the hell is that?
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Jimmy Labatt
Words of wisdom: Vanilla Ice is cooler than you. Also, he uses nothing less than a 9 volt battery to power those pants.

Definitely related : http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=55054
poor man. to go from rob van winkle to vanilla ice to rob van winkle again.

Ooooooh snap, he called Nick a zero! Take THAT, uptight mainstream society which is represented by Nick!
Did you catch how he also called him a dick, but pretended it was a simple misunderstanding? He really represents a whole generation.

that girl is hot.
Jet Bin Fever
He got a bricklayer to design his haircut.
His haircut is structurally sound.

His haircut has been aerodynamically optimized in a Supersonic Wind Tunnel.

erection reset by queer
Those are load-bearing sideburns.

His hair complies with ISO 9000.

The Mystery Method in action
The way he said 'Cathy' clearly implied he didn't know her name before. You BLEW it, Vanilla Ice.
He is the apotheosis of cool, it case it wasn't clear enough.
I'm going to have to say that this movie is less ridiculous than Torque.
This movie is one of the greatest unintentional comedies of the 20th century. I was laughing at it so hard I got blue in the face.
Muddy Mae Suggins
The end of this movie makes it worth seeing.

I lost it when they started playing in the construction site while that very cheesy song kicked in.


Johnny Van Owen's jacket has the following phrases/words/symbols embroidered on it: DANGER, DEEP, Down by law, FREEZE, HYPE, ICE, Lust, ah yeah!, ROLLIN, sex me up, yep yep, ? (question mark), DOPE and the letters "JK" surrounded by a star.
I almost regret having not seen this when it originally hit theaters, but I could not bring myself to spend the money.
It would have been epic ...

That's some wicked beatz he has following him around.
And a Casio keyboard sound plays when he hits someone.

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