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Desc:The infamous Peter and Ray recordings interpreted into puppetry.
Category:Short Films
Tags:puppets, Shut Up Little Man, roommates, Raymond Huffman, Peter Haskett
Submitted:Hugo Gorilla
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Comment count is 10
IT'S RAY AND PETE!! I LOVE Shut Up Little Man!! Sure the house should be pink (it wasn't called the Pepto Palace for nothing), Ray should have nerd glasses and he didn't look quite that old. BUT IT'S RAY AND PETE!! (Even Tony got a cameo!) Five stars and I hope there's more!
I've never seen anyone so excited over a POE video. So uh, congrats?

Syd Midnight
He has drunken the vodka, and now he is drunk.

4 stars for the video. 1 more star for MrBuddy's excitement.
It's contagious, right? Now I'm excited and I have no idea what's going on, except for puppets.

Syd Midnight
It's 1990. 2 miserable old alcoholic men loudly abuse each other. The neighbors record their epic battles through the paper thin walls of the tenement, at first to file a complaint, but then to play for their friends because the fights are sadly hilarious. Spreads virally on the early web, ends up on radio, CD, comic book form, even the theatre stage. And now puppets.

Google "Shut Up, Little Man!" and you won't regret it. I bought the CD.

....oooo ..

MrBuddy's excitement has got me all riled up. im circling around the room telling my sister to "shut the fuck up, i'll put you in prison."

Caminante Nocturno
Oh, yeah. These guys.
-1 because he didn't yell "shut up little man"
As alway, Tony is the one made to suffer.
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