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Desc:Creative drinking skills
Category:Stunts, Humor
Tags:wine, bottle, barbarian, corkscrew
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Comment count is 15
If you run into this situation that often, try getting a fucking Swiss Army Knife. They have these neat corkscrew things that you can use without needing a towel to guard your hands against possible bottle breakage.
Big Beef Burritos Supreme
I would imagine the modern drunk has one of those rechargable things that you just press onto the bottle, and hey, done.

Plus, let's not lie - all our wine comes sweetened and in screw top flasks.

Goofy Gorilla
A plastic pen does the job OK too, but this is neat.
That's cute but it seems a lot more tedious and dangerous than just using a corkscrew.

I wonder if the actual force is caused by a cavitation shock wave, like the trick where you burst the bottom of a glass bottle by smacking the top just right.
way to stir up all the sediment, you fucking barbarian
Anybody who thinks you can mistreat wine is an asshole.

If you're going to be that much of an asshole, you gotta at least let the wine breathe for an hour, and the sediment is settled by then. Why don't we all agree that wine snobbery sucks and we all just want to get drunk?

If you're opening it by banging it against a tree, I doubt it's a wine delicate enough to suffer from having the sediment stirred up.

Big Beef Burritos Supreme
All this time I thought we had alcoholic woodpeckers.
He didn't even swirl it in his cup, what kind of disgusting behavior is this?
God I hate slide guitar.
fret nazi

it sort of looks like he's jacking that tree off
THINGS MISSING FROM THIS VIDEO: Tuxedo. Monocle. Top hat. Fob watch. Twirly mustache. Droll British butler watching the bottle thumping display with absolute apathy.
"ethan rom" tag

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