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Desc:Chicom agitprop.
Category:Military, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Army, China, parade, terror
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Comment count is 17
Oh shit
like ants. billions upon billions of ants. and they can't be plied with mcdonalds and VCRs like the russians were.
but they can be plied with sugar

Dutch Oven Fresh Pie
5 stars for this comment

Tuan Jim
Man, fuck China and it's government.
Hush now Western imperialist. In exchange for your complacency please accept these inexpensive sweat pants and plastic gewgaws.

Goethe and ernie
No, it's a country.

I, too, have taken to beating up phone books.
Those numbers at 2:09 are ridiculously false.
Its (according to YT comments) Mao-era accounting, in which every adult woman from 18-70 was considered a member of the Women's army. The PLA has downsized in the post-Soviet era to 2.3 million + 1.5 million reserves.

That said, the PLA still has a whole or sizable financial interest in many factorys. Many of the items you'll find at Wal-mart support this remarkable drill and ceremony.

Goethe and ernie
China is totally fucking awesome.
They could invade any country any day and win. Not by good planning, not by heavy weapons, just with the sheer number of foot soldiers they would use.

They lost in the Sino-Vietnamese War and were on the verge of losing in the Korean War.

Weren't they just back up for North Korea? I need to check my history books then.

Luckily we can use VATS.
...but they invade when your in the GECK and don't have any weapons.

The song is Monster Truck Driver by T. Raumschmiere if anyone cares.
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