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Desc:Mystery pulls some hotties, just kidding he gets scared and psychs himself out like the rest of us.
Category:Educational, Fashion
Tags:seduction, pickup artists, pulling, peacocking, (point to schlong)
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Comment count is 25
When emotionless sociopath robots try to act human.
PS: Worship the cock

I think all the seduction clips need a (point at schlong) tag


at what point is does this happen?

Nail polish and an I'm-an-asshole hat.

I definitely want this guy to die.
I just want to slice this guy's face with a box cutter.

It's not really so different from a freshman psych class.
Venusian is etymologically meaningless. The correct word would be Venereal.

This new Scientology is even lamer than the old one.
Billy the Poet
I wouldn't trade any one woman I've slept with for any ten of his.
my stars, they are for you.

Dr Dim
He's such an awkward dipshit! Look at him pulling at his stupid rings while he talks rubbish. This guys sucks.
It really feels like he turns it into a "game" so he doesn't feel as bad when he fails miserably at it. It was just a game!
This guy really cleaned up at Dennis Rodman's yard sale.
Syd Midnight
This guy would be a lot of fun to pick on when you're drunk and mean. He just needs a Real Man to remind him of his place in the pecking order, wait till he's in his act then grab his hat and stomp on it and say "I'm sorry, I thought your head was being attacked. By a big stupid hat."
The teachings of Mystery have been an integral part of my intellectual development. I value the contents of my "Mega pack of Sex ebooks" folder almost as much as my college education.
because i have actually heard morons say this.

As a citizen of the Portal of Evil, I feel it is my duty to contribute an allotment of my stars to the (point to schlong) tag. Consider it a version of socialism that makes you think about buttsex.
Just think of all the diseases!
So what're the odds that he isn't balding?
"Do you like my hat? I borrowed it from Jamiraquai!"
So this is what Vanilla Ice does when he's not landscaping?
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