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Desc:XBox live is no place for the weak
Category:Video Games
Tags:xbox, Gears Of War, crying
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Comment count is 23
Caminante Nocturno
Fuck you, guys!
Every time I see a video like this, it makes me glad I was the first born.
Gettin' mad at vidya games!
Really picks up around :50.
Fur is Murder
Stay classy, Xbox owners.
This kid will grow up to be a fine serial killer.
Or you know... a normal person.

Not with those killing skills

No it's fine.

The little one will just sever all contact, and the older one will always wonder what he possibly could have done to alienate the only person who ever loved him.
No, the older one will get a girlfriend and never bother with the younger one and the younger one will feel obligated to invite him to family holiday dinners anyway.

hey that's what i do! i don't have anything to do with either of them!

(large portions of my childhood are permutations of this, with pretty much any task or activity except with a fuckton more physical violence and joint locks. the only way i could ever get them to stop would be to pull a knife on them. thanks, poetv, for making me remember my goddamned childhood)

them being two older brothers

Louis Armstrong
No, when the older one gets a girl, the younger one will pull this out. All that sweet talk and lie that hes a great guy goes down the drain. Unless he gets a girl that likes an asshole. Yeah, on second thought the little one should just bury this deep down like we all did.

Laughing at a little boy you made cry make you feel like a man?
Syd Midnight
That's the whole point of picking on your little brother, it does make you feel like a Big Man

People actually say "powned" out loud?

Making a kid cry isn't that funny. Not that I'm taking a moral ground, it just doesn't seem that funny because it's probably really easy to do.
Yes it is.

A lot of things are easy but still fun. (Your mom comes to minds. Powned.)

Syd Midnight
lol pwnt

Doctor Arcane
The brothers are trying to desensitize him to the griefing and flaming he will experience in XBox live. In a few years people will be calling this kid all sorts of racial epithets and mocking his lineage, and he'll coolly and calmly snipe them in the head; all thanks to his brothers.
That stupid hyena laugh doesn't sound forced at all, jerkface.
"Jesus, Scott! You're making an ass out of your brother for all eternity!"
To be fair he really did suck at that game.
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