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Desc:Sen. Al Franken has an adult conversation with tea party group.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:Tea Party, protesters, Al Franken, Health Care reform
Submitted:Albuquerque Halsey
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Comment count is 35
charmlessman - 2009-09-04
And it's official. Al Franken has transitioned from goofy funnyman to eloquent politician. Well done sir!
Camonk - 2009-09-04
It takes comedians to have a rational discussion about serious issues in America. What the fuck.
simon666 - 2009-09-04
Reading your comment made me cringe, because it's true.

Walt Henderson - 2009-09-04
Wow. I have to say that while I never really cared for Franken as a comedian, I think he makes a damn fine politician.
MongoMcMichael - 2009-09-04
Seconded. While I have always felt that Franken was sort of a -blah- comedian, he makes a Hell of a politician.

ASubmarineSandwich - 2009-09-05
Thirded. While I've always thought of Franken as a sort of "doy!" comedian, I think he makes a Fuck of a politician.

Xenocide - 2009-09-05
Fucked. While I've always Frankened my politician as a sort of thought, I think he makes a comedian out of doy.

charmlessman - 2009-09-11
Worded. While I always felt Franken was a word comedian, he makes a word of a politician.

bluiker - 2009-09-04
Great, but I bet as soon as he left they all grunted "socialism" and "immigrants" and back-slapped and nodded until the scary facts and ideas went away.
Samisyosam - 2009-09-04
The great red state racist shows his gorgeous head at 7:15.
Mister Shady - 2009-09-05
Pointing out the fact that illegal aliens drive up medicare costs is not, in my book, racist. It's realistic.

Stopheles - 2009-09-05
Ignoring Franken's earlier statement about the demographics in McAllen being the same as the demographics of El Paso, however?

bluiker - 2009-09-06
This, plus he never says the word "illegal." If they're immigrants, they must be illegal (and brown, and living off HIS TAX DOLLARS!!).

Meerkat - 2009-09-04
"Let's not talk about Canada."

Oh. OK. You do know we are beating you in the HDI for medical health care right? You are aware of that, are you not? So no, let's not talk about Canada. Because those beaver-fuckers are communists and can't do anything right.

Vaidency - 2009-09-04
Everyone in the US who knows or cares about the HDI is already in favor of major health care reform. Focusing on countries that achieve universal coverage through regulated private industries is a reasonable gambit for starting a mature conversation with nervous right wingers. Kudos to Franken.

GlennFinito - 2009-09-04
Actually Al Franken was very clever by using switzerland as an example

StanleyPain - 2009-09-04
Uh, you DO realize what he meant by that, yes? When he said "let's not talk about Canada" he obviously was trying to avoid the canned responses from teabaggers from the media about how HORRIBLE CANADA'S DEATHSCAPE IS. You can't use Canada as an example of good socialized medicine right now, the right has poisoned it.

Camonk - 2009-09-04
Wow you Canadiennes are touchy ladies all of a sudden. A junior senator suggests setting your health care to one side and suddenly you're basically crying onto your keyboard. Our little brother country is feeling left out.

Meerkat - 2009-09-04
Suck on my free universal healthcare, plebe.

pastorofmuppets - 2009-09-04
The Swiss population is about 7.5 million. These costs don't necessarily scale in a straight line. So I guess in terms of fending off criticism it might be better to use an example people are less familiar with. But in terms of actual relevance to our situation, I'm not so sure.

Richmond - 2009-09-04
Stan's right on the money.

Also, it's not 'free' health care in Canada --- I distinctly remember what it was like the day I figured out the difference between my "weekly pay" and my *weekly pay*.

phalsebob - 2009-09-05
Wait... Teabaggers have poisoned Canada. FUCK I HATE THOSE FUCKERS!

Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2009-09-04
I'd love to see what they were like before they settled down. They seem too tame to be teabaggers and town hall hooligan froth tards we're so accustomed to seeing.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2009-09-04
BTW, did Franken have his town hall meeting already? This video is of him being surrounded by baggers at the state fair.

Xenocide - 2009-09-05
The key is that he's right in their faces here. They're not yelling at him as part of a crowd of idiots, or reading a pre-written statement into a mike. They're actually being forced to have a conversation with another human being who disagrees with them. It's new and horrifying territory for the teabaggers.

Billie_Joe_Buttfuck - 2009-09-04
This man is a fucking artist.

That crowd ended up looking dopey and defeated.
Udderdude - 2009-09-05
They'll be back tomorrow reciting the same spoon-fed garbage.

They are fucking robots of dumb.

kennydra - 2009-09-05
i think 'robots of dumb' would make a decent tag if it would catch on.

HP Lovesauce - 2009-09-05
Trust me, the majority of Canadians aren't touchy about this at all and StanleyPain's observation is bang on.

When watching most of this ridiculous bullshit all I think is these sad, gullible fucktards need to take a trip to Calgary and play 'Count the Lamborghini's'.
poorwill - 2009-09-05
I really like your username. Not a homo.

mcsancherson - 2009-09-05
Franken has always been awesome.
Desidiosus - 2009-09-05
Not as entertaining as Barney Frank's videos, but probably more effective in getting rid of the crazy talk.
magnesium - 2009-09-05
But the more money you spend, the better your care! And one day, when those people win the lottery or magically start earning 0k a year, they want to know that they will get much better care and pay zero taxes. It's okay to demand serfdom for yourself now, because there's a chance you could be rich one day with that high school education and daily prayer for riches, and think of the benefits!
Broose182 - 2009-09-06
They seemed bored to be having a normal conversation. These people want to be spouting talking points and starting shit. Robots of dumb, indeed.
joelkazoo - 2009-09-25
I am SO glad I voted for this man! He's a true spiritual successor to Paul Wellstone.

Franken 2016!
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