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Desc:It would spoil it if I described it.
Tags:cwc, Chris-Chan, virgin with rage, not a troll
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Comment count is 29
Caminante Nocturno
Stop it! You're only making things worse!
Even if he's not completely serious, a grown man shouldn't act that way. Not ever.
I see the virgin, and I see the rage.
Teased Vagina
0:38 looks like he's Morris Dancing
Give me your war face!

I've seen men of normal intelligence and emotional fortitude react worse to losing Halo matches.
Hell, I KNOW one. This guy is NO fun to play games with. If you ever get on a game of CoD and hear guy going "Okay, now you flank right whil NO! LISTEN! I GET THE SHOTGUN, YOU TAKE BACK THE ASSAULT RIFLE AND FLANK RIGHT! GOD DAMNIT GUYS YOU NEED TO LISTEN! THIS IS WHY WE"RE LOSING!!!", then you're probably in a game with my friend.

Reply questionable. Does not compute.

Colonel Cowlung
At 1:12 I thought he started doing a Patty and/or Selma Bouvier impersonation.
up close he sort of looks like ractalfece
Did he just threaten to rip someone in half and beat one half with the other half?

Somewhere there's the most unlikeable weasel-sphincter internet media wannabe possible who is no doubt planning to make a movie about this person's life. Let me just say that if you don't cast David Arquette as Chris Chan, I will pray for your destruction. You know who you are.
Removed for TOU violation... I can only assume from that alone and these comments that this video was amazing.
Well, it's back up. Here's the stars you've so rightly earned, Chris-Chan.

It's BACK.

Yeah, Chris, threaten to beat up a girl. That won't make you look like even more of a douchebag.
Can someone point me in the direction of the account of whoever he's so angry with?


To top it all off, Vivian Gee is perhaps the only troll who has ever been nice to Chris. When another troll, who used the name Clyde Cash and Gregg Mays managed to get all of Chris Chan's email and website passwords (by pretending to be a Nintendo exec.), they found dozens of emails from Vivian Gee telling Chris who was a troll, which Chris never believed.

So Chris is threatening to murder the only person who tried to prevent him from embarrassing himself on the internet.

I feel sorry for his folks.

However, I guess they got used to this sort of thing...

Teased Vagina
They're obsessive hoarders who have ruined their house by filling it with shit - the only normal ones in that house are the (dozens of) cats.

My favorite part is where he fails to break the poles to the poster because of the backassward way he holds them. Sort of a "bundle of trolls" parable.

Also, Vivi (the person he directed this against and the maker of the audiobooks) responded to his first call to take down her account with a video entitled "I am removing all my videos" which was just a repost of chris's house tour.
Oh man I never went to YouTube to find out more about this fuckin' creature until now.

His handle is..."LightningDevastation".
Rodents of Unusual Size
I only learned the epic story that is Chris Chan. It's like the Internet spewed him forth as an example to all, a story to be told around campfires by mothers of chubby video game addicted ten year olds. Be careful, or this could happen to you!

Actually, it appears that "LightningDevastation" is only the vessel, not Chris-Chan himself. Unless there's some sort of freaky multiple personality thing going on.

I think Buster Bluth here needs to go back to the Milford Academy.
...did he just try and fail to break a couple of paint stirrers?
I can't get enough of that ominous, trembling fist he dramatically shakes at the camera in every video because he saw a wizard or something do it in a movie once.
a flaming monkey
I don't even know what he was saying.
Testicles of Doom
Me either. I mean, I know he was speaking English, but his dialect is unknown to me.

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