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Desc:NSFW language and man nipple.
Category:Horror, Arts
Tags:white people, nipple, bb gun, teenage brain cells, two holes
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Comment count is 12
Freeze frame 0:46, that is the weirdest ear Ive ever seen in my life.
Also note they are shooting through his left breast, where the heart is located.
Luckily his subdermal titflask implant deflected the bullet.

considering when i was in 3rd grade, a local boy died from a bb shot to the eye...

well we at least know a future darwin award winner.

The Townleybomb
It went through his TIT.

I like how there's the one voice of reason guy who tells them not to stick a ring through it.
Big Beef Burritos Supreme
When you consider the gap between the entry and exit is like an inch apart, it would have to be a fucking huge ring.

Should have got one of those long bars instead...

Bitten by a tiny, tiny vampire. Bravo.
This is actually a scene from the upcoming "A Christmas Story 2"
Frank Rizzo
needs a white people tag
Syd Midnight
It's not smart to make a piercing with a blunt object that is larger in diameter than the ring. Lets see him not go to a hospital so it gets infected and his nipple falls off.
'Man' is a little generous to describe the owner of this nipple.
Menudo con queso
This is actually the final step of his bar mitzvah, as described in Leviticus. So he has become a man before your very eyes in this video.

Four stars for weaponized dumb.
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