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Category:Horror, Fashion
Tags:Wizard, fruit, i like rape, edarem, african americans
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Comment count is 14
If that guy was near my window i would empty an entire clip of ammo on his face alone.

Also, how the hell this guy has a computer, but lives in a shit hole?
Rodents of Unusual Size
Because he doesn't care where he lives anymore. The dank doesn't bother him. He wants to share his filth with the world. Every time I see one of these clips I cringe. He is the darkness inherent in all of our fears regarding old age, made manifest.

He's the reason Obama is killing old people.

I'm amused at how everybody thought he was cool at first until they read the fine print.
dora's cough
i still think he is cool.

me too. also the very first frame when i hit play scared me. like, i really jumped.

ps i mean i still think he is cool


Johnny Madhouse
The entire part about naked vulnerable turtles scratching at the sky is like a monologue from a Russian novel.
OH WOW! It's like a real life Tom O' Bedlam!

Helooooooo linked tag!
Johnny Madhouse
I just realized he isn't wearing a shirt. I wonder if he's peering through a stranger's window while naked.
Goethe and ernie
It's the combination of sounding quite lucid whilst clearly being insane that does it for me. He has a good voice, I mean a classic radio voice, he sounds erudite and sharp, then you listen to the words and realise he's totally fucking cracked, like Resident Evil villain cracked. I want to go drinking with him.
Resident Evil 5 would had been better if he was the main villain instead of Wesker.

wtf japan
3 stars because Ed still isn't aware that "Oriental" is no longer politically acceptable. 2 because he's old enough to be aware of the original version of "Eeny-Meen."
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