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Desc:Brief Chris-Chan titty nudity, perhaps NSFW.
Category:Stunts, Trailers
Tags:martial arts, cwc, Chris-Chan, virgin with rage, Chan Fu
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Comment count is 12
Monkey Napoleon
I'd pay to see that.
Caminante Nocturno
This whole Chris-chan thing is going to end tragically.

I just know it.
Chris chan's antics will end in two ways:

-dead fathers
-he actually manages to get a girl and moves with her, or she wit him

Most likely the first option it seems.

@Riskbreaker the girl would be found later, dead, wrapped in plastic, on the shore of a river.

Yep, that too. Either way, it's not going to end pretty.

Check out the website on this video if you haven't already. Chris is getting pissed off about it.
these stars are for the Brief Chris-Chan titty nudity
He's a woodpecker.

wtf japan
Oh lawd.
Woodpecker Strike:
Wherein you punch the opponent with your own face, just like the mighty woodpecker!

Lotus Mania of the HFA:
With this set, your apparent derangement is such that you cause in your opponent a great, existential terror.

Duck Fist Technique:
In which you bare your duck to your opponent, seize it, and cause exceeding discomfort to all who observe.

Pants of the Iron Monkey:
When all else fails, take hold of your DIRTY, CRAPPED BRIEFS, remove the soiled pads from within, and fling them at whichever opponent you want most to go away.

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