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Desc:'hey that's a good song man' -- what a cruel bastard
Category:Classic Movies, Arts
Tags:bob dylan, dont look back, Donovan, no pity
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Comment count is 22
If I understand this correctly Donovan plays a song, then Dylan plays a much better song, all the while insulting Donovan...I believe.
Syd Midnight
If a teenie bop commercial artist makes the mistake of whipping it out in front of the very legend they were constructed to parody, you describe it as "Like Donovan trying to impress a room full of of hipsters in front of Bob Dylan."

There's no analogy for it because this IS the classic analogy.

Syd Midnight
2:23 is a hippie realizing he is about to be PWNT

that's magnificent bastard to you.
This entire film is jaw-dropping.
Don't feel bad Donovan. You wrote "wear your love like heaven."
Exactly. Once he dropped the attempts at sounding like Dylan, he made some truly amazing music.

3:40-on: "You gonna cry, Donovan? Baby want his nappy?"
Bob Dylan sucks dicks
wtf japan
I KILL you! I kill you right dead!

It's true. And fuck Johnny Cash too, while we're at it.

Look at these two rebels.

Johnny Cash was awesome. Bob Dylan is a boring Baby Boomer who, like all Baby Boomers, can't stop telling the world how important he is

wtf japan
Johnny Cash wrote Dylan a love poem on the back of one of Dylan's LPs. If Woodie Guthrie and Johnny Cash were better than alright with Dylan, I'd say your opinions on the subject don't count for much.

everyone who matters figures dylan out by their 21st birthday

I have one Donovan song in my library, it's the one Billy Batts got beaten up to.
Get thy bearings by Donovan is ace!
"I'll help you pick up the glass!"

I love you, Donovan.
Goofy Gorilla
Donovan is opening his Invincible University with David Lynch these days, while Zimmerman is currently trying to impersonate Donovan impersonating the long dead Bob Dylan.

The times are a' changing indeed.
Dylan's writing rock tunes with Robert Hunter right now. The only person he ever tried to impersonate was Jack Elliott impersonating Woody Guthrie.

Syd Midnight
Young Donovan playing in front of young Dylan is like Yngvie trying to impress Bach to his face. Dude may as well just pull down his pants and present his swollen anus like a baboon, just get it over with, be less humiliating.

"I once knew a girl named Baby Bl" [BANNED]

That guy
"That's a nice song, Donovan"NUCLEAR BLAST
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