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Desc:The internet's new hero stars in another near-silent, meditative epic about not givin' a fuck.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:dip, white people, skoalrebel, skoal, mumble
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Comment count is 22
he is certainly my zero, durr, I mean hero
Why does he keep the computer in his kitchen?
His bedroom is full of pewter figurines.

It's probably because trailers aren't that big.

It's very cold so he sits in the kitchen and keeps the stove on to keep warm.

Also, this might be the most disgusting person i have ever seen, next to CWC.

wtf japan
Just what part of Romania do you live in exactly?

Bucharest, right now. What? You lookin' to donate a radiator?

wtf japan
Dammit, Gypsy. Bucharest is legit. Still, Romania has disgusting people to rival those found anywhere else in the world.

Fuck you! You know we hate being called that. And yeah we have our fair share of disgusting people, still i have yet to see anyone chewing that crap over here. As for CWC he's pretty much the most disgusting thing ever.

Masaokis's other character
I don't think he realizes that the number of videos he makes is directly related to my inability to fuck-off.
Frank Rizzo
he's turning me gay, he's so perfect and adorable.
Me, too! But I'm a girl.

Why is he so mad that people are watching his videos? It makes no sense.
cuz zey downt do nuthin' but tawk shit bout him he dont give a fuck

I so badly want to remix this one too but I think that would be poor form.
I'm going with troll or genetic disorder. There can be no other explanation. Well, maybe a childhood brain injury.
My guess is raging alcoholic.
I can understand maybe 1 word in five this guy says.

"I'm bo-ward as hayell n got nuthin else to dew."
I'm guessing we're subsidizing his jobles fat ass. And his deeyup.
Something fun you can do with this video:

1.) Pause.
2.) Use the slider to go to 2:39 exactly.
3.) Screenshot. Sent to friends.

This must be Uncle Goddamn's nephew.
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