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Desc:Disconcerting K-Mart commercial starring lots of preteen butt.
Category:Horror, Fashion
Tags:pedophilia, Kiddystare, K-Mart, troubling, bootylicious
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Comment count is 21
Moustache McGillicuddy
If you find yourself considering a Rockstare, please ask yourself the following:

1. Why
2. no don't
3. Kmart?
4. whaaat!
more like kidmart amirite?
Q:why did michael jackson go to kmart?

A:he wanted to have sex with little boys.
Dear MongoMcMichael, please link the "Kiddystare" tag.
cf. http://poetv.com/video.php?vid=59796
Caminante Nocturno
Well, then.
Time Travel Mishap
Wow. Every time this commercial comes on I've always been to busy thinking about how much I want to kill everybody in them to even notice there was a disturbing amount of of preteen ass shots.
Wait, how are these people still alive, then? You kill people all the time for way less.

Time Travel Mishap
They all have class 10 temporal armor unfortunately

Fuckin' timecops won't let him, man. One of 'em is supposed to grow up and cure cancer or AIDS or some dumb shit.

The Lord of Dirt
Class 10 Temporal Armor functions by mesmerizing all entities within a 500 year radius with its incredible back-to-school stylishness.

It's threads like this that redeem all the gimmicky misfires.

Godard's Drinking Problem
I think it's actually an expected amount of butt for a jeans ad. Hell, even less so.

Speaking of inappropriately projecting onto pre-teens, 0:26 looks exactly like the girl I lost my virginity to (she was not a pre-teen at the time).
You know, I was recently thinking, what would the girl Godard's Drinking Problem lost his virginity to look like as a pre-teen.

I guess I should have told you at the time, but I'm not a girl.

K-Mart: At This Point We're Just Trying To Keep From Having To Put The Word "Dollar" In Our Name!
So "lots" is like three?
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Stop rockstaring my ass.
The preload image:

Pink shirt's bra lifts and separates.
They're teaching fake words in school now? This is what we get for letting Obama talk to our children.
Needs a Chris Hansen and Pedobear tag.
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