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Desc:Innuendo, double entendre, and other naughtiness
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Classic TV Clips
Tags:innuendo, rocko, nickolodeon
Submitted:Mayberry Pancakes
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Comment count is 18
xenocide - 2006-09-17
And here's to you, Mrs. Bighead, Jesus loves you more than you will know.
Aelric - 2006-09-17
wow. those last few were filthy!
johnnyhamhock - 2006-09-17
F**king 'ell
Exegesis_Saves - 2006-09-17
Caminante - 2006-09-17
Thank God the censors at Nickelodeon were too thick-headed to notice these.
GoodAaron - 2006-09-17
The mayo on the bread!
fourthguy - 2006-09-17
And people say kids' cartoons are MORE vulgar these days?
Gurlugon - 2006-09-17
I remember wondering back then how a few of these managed to sneak by
athodyd - 2006-09-17
I still don't get the math equations one. Multiplying?
thebaronsdoctor - 2006-09-18
Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, baby. It's amazing what they were able to sneak past the censors.
EvilHomer - 2006-10-08
The funny thing is, I remember these episodes, yet I don't recall finding them shocking as a kid.
blackbetta - 2006-10-23
Doggystyle boat ride?
Vicious - 2006-10-27
God, I miss this show.
BAC - 2006-12-11
was the dr. name bendova?
GusPlease - 2008-06-25
They missed the one where Mr. Bighead stops by to get them to join his bowling team but they say "We're already playing a game" and it's a boardgame with a rotating monkey figurine in the middle and they all have ping pong paddles.
CharlesSmith - 2008-07-22
And the fast food joint they frequent was called "Chokey Chicken" for a while, until the censors figured it out.

joelkazoo - 2009-04-30
Seem to recall in the doctor's office the doc grabbing Rocco's eyes like they were a pair of testicles and telling him to cough. Then he goes "Oh, wait!" and the scene goes on like it's shown here. Was I imagining that?
Pillager - 2013-07-21
It's in my resub.

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