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Desc:Another super dark Batman episode with a little girl
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Classic TV Clips
Tags:batman, Sitcoms, Batman: The Animated Series, baby doll, I didnt mean to.
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Comment count is 12
I like how Batman's reporter friend has a pile of Baby Doll videos just sitting in her desk drawer.
I suppose they couldn't have known in the pre-Internet days, but gratuitous panty shots + she's actually 30 = the wrong people enjoying this episode for the wrong reasons.
Yes, we call that the "Sargent Hatred and Billy Principle."

I always loved the music in this show, fitted the atmosphere perfectly. I always wondered where all these insane criminals found their thugs.
There's this bar by the docks that all the thugs hang out in. the costumed villains go there to hire them. batman frequently goes there and announces "i'm looking for *insert villain name here*" to which someone responds "screw you bats!" and then batman beats everyone up and the last person batman beats up tells him what he wants to know.

Midnight Man
That's Daredevil

Jaguar Wong
Batman meets "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" meets Shirley Temple. This is far better than "Orphan."
Remember how someone here said that not all TAS episodes were gold, like the one with sewer orphans and alligators? This was one of those.
That was me, and yeah, I'm not crazy about this episode. Still gets five stars for being better than 99% of what's out there, even if I could never quite "buy" Mary Dahl or the threat she posed.

Midnight Man
Fuck you guys this is one of my favourites

Gilligan and the Skipper as henchmen.
I actually forgot how great this show is.
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