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Desc:And I object! I object that he interrupted me while I was watching Ow! My Balls! That is not okay!
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:Balls, mike judge, idiocracy, Ow my balls, underrated movie
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The Mothership
Clip delivers.
That guy got hit in the balls. This was awesome.
Time Travel Mishap
Man I didn't think it was going to happen but then it did

The Townleybomb
The only people who think this movie is underrated are college freshmen who are excessively proud of their own ability to kind of pronounce "Nietzsche". This is not even funny on a "guy getting hit in the balls" level.

La Loco
Hi, I'm a college freshman that can pronounce "Nietzche". Screw you Townley for raining on my parade.

This movie is genuinely funny.

I'm sorry you have the preconceived notion that the only people who think it's funny are those who try to identify it on an "i'm smarter than everyone else" level, but that does not apply to everybody who enjoys it.

You sir, are a dolt. I bet you wouldn't even buy a Dalek shirt from hot topic simply because of the store.

*identify with it

Bonus star for provoking a minor shitstorm concerning existentialism and nut shots. And Daleks.

The Townleybomb
I wouldn't buy a dalek shirt, but I would buy a shirt with a picture of you getting hit in the balls with a copy of "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" while you stand in line in the community college cafeteria.

wtf japan
This movie is more frightening to me than it is funny. Since it has come out, the world has become progressively more and more like the one depicted in the film. Watch the part where President Comacho addresses Congress again if you really want to get creeped out.

If the movie could only kept up the pace of the first 10 minutes, it would have had staying power. And, for the most part, the sight gags are superb throughout. It just seemed clear that Judge was dipping in the trash heap for most the giggles from there on in, and the film lacked any genuine warmth for any character, only cruelty.


Syd Midnight
The worst thing about Idiocracy was the narrator. There wasn't supposed to be one but the studio insisted, because they felt the plot would be too complicated for the average American to follow. That's kinda meta.

infinite zest
This movie's great
Two stars just for the shitstorm this clip is starting to turn into.

Bonus star for all the related videos. Ah, Break.com, will you ever grow up?
Go away! Batin'!
John Holmes Motherfucker
Idiocracy is a little overrated IMO

There's such a thing as smart dumb. Gracie Allen was a genius because her dumb act was delivery system for amazing flights of creative abstract reasoning. At his best, Homer Simpson does the same thing.

Mike Judge doesn't do smart dumb. Bevis and Butthead say funny things, but they don't play that kind of advanced logic. they say stuff like: "I am Asshiolio, I need Teepee for my bunghole." over and over and over.

It's funny, but without the smart dumb dialogue, I found Idiocracy to be somewaht disappointing.
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