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Desc:Becase working phones are horror movie kryptonite.
Tags:cell phone, no service, slasher flick, can you hear me now, why rachel mcadams wont answer my calls
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Comment count is 20
This would be better if it were HITLER not getting reception!
I dont get signal in my own room sometimes.
Seriously, I bought a cell phone plan in a major university town and had no signal except for a blip in between work and my house. I don't think my sister has had reception at her house ever.

Being out in the middle of nowhere and not getting any bars is probably the only believable thing in those horror movies.

C'mon, where would we be without tropes?


Yeah that was the point. It's sort of frustrating when you just grab a ton of examples of one and run them end to end. Don'tsayitdon'tsayit ARGH he said it. And with such bravado.

I don't mean "that was the point" like "jeez captain obvious" I mean it like "thanks for seeing why I posted this"


I'd really like to see a montage of all the cell phone tropes used through the running of NCIS, but that montage would probably be 40 minutes long.

Because all of these movies would have been maybe twenty minutes long if the phones worked. "Hi, 911? I'm trapped in a warehouse and this guy has chained me to a fucking wall. Please send help. You don't believe me? OKAY WELL THEN I HAVE A BOMB AND A GUN AND I'M GONNA KILL PEOPLE. NOW WILL YOU COME?"

Then again, it's not like roadside assistance totally would have gotten out to bumblefuck breakdown county in fifteen minutes.

That'd actually be an infinitely better source of suspense in one of these joints - the teenagers' car breaks down and they have to wait like, two hours for the tow truck to get out there. In the mean time - TERROR!
plz plz write a screenplay.

I like how easy it's become to date movies based on the cell phone models they have.
Cell phones are definitely less reliable than psychopaths and monsters.
Innocent Bystander
Wow. Someone watched a whole heap of bad movies.
not only watched, but meticulously cut and edited into a montage of clips about cell phones.

I like the military satphone not getting reception in the middle of the desert.
Koda Maja
Heh, "portable phone".
And that's why I won't pay for cell phone service in the States.
Caminante Nocturno
The increasing convenience of cell phones is one of the biggest challenge to face horror films.
On the other hand, the bills those rack up are pretty horrific.

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