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Desc:Lonnie shows how well his dog 'behaves.'
Category:General Station
Tags:boxer, Lonnie
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Comment count is 17
I ain't takin' that shitty dog home with me!
The Mothership
A proud owner indeed, aww shit dawg!
C'mon, show me how well you mind your master!
a flaming monkey
I have never met an intelligent Boxer. I remember watching a Boxer through a bus window as it ran alongside. Its eyes never left the accelerating bus even as it careened straight into shrubbery.
Colonel Cowlung
I had a boxer when I was a kid and believed her to be a very stupid dog.

Now I have a basset hound and appreciate just how brilliant that boxer was.

I'm naming him Shitty Bill.
The Townleybomb
Is this that snippy phone psychic from the cable access? Sure as hell sounds like him.
Syd Midnight
I closed my eyes and pretended it was a 19th century southern plantation owner speaking to a slave. Give it a try. Its way better without video context. Needs a few more tags probably.
Watching your dog shit in the ocean requires the same emotional intensity as watching the Hindenburg burst into flames.
This man has to have the most irritating mannerisms/accent I've ever heard.
You mean awesome.

Lonnie is love.

Isn't this a dupe?
Dupe or not it gets a five by me.

Is that dog's name Jobie? Narrator's reaction to the poop is the best thing I've heard for the next decade.
And here I was expecting some Mike Tyson shenanigans.

This was just as crazy tho.
my favorite line was at the end when he said "HAGABARHALABANBAHLRRRR"
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