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socialist_hentai - 2010-01-24

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jangbones - 2010-01-24


13.5 - 2010-01-24


Mad Struggle - 2010-01-24

Five, for this alone.

TheQuakeSoldier - 2010-01-24

Holy Fucking Hell. Don't miss Part 3.

fermun - 2010-01-24

Are not all of the parts up yet? Do I have to remember to check back next week for the thrilling (horrifying) conclusion?

jangbones - 2010-01-24

I only found parts 1-4. All equally horrifying.

"We have to leave now because everyone heard how much we paid off the cops and now we are in danger."

Can't wait for parts 5-8.

Tuan Jim - 2010-01-24

1-4 are up.

4 has an interview with General Rambo, who says what's going to happen when the U.N. leaves next year.

glasseye - 2010-01-25

Part 5 is up too.

love - 2010-01-24

well shit. that pretty much took away my right to complain about anything ever.

mouser - 2010-01-24

Except the price of whores over here?

BorrowedSolution - 2010-01-24

http://quicksilverscreen.com/watch?video=120851 Here's the full documentary Pray The Devil Back To Hell, I highly suggest watching it if you want to feel better about Liberia. I posted the trailer in the hopper (it's still in there) but couldn't post a quicksilverscreen/megavideo link.

Also, I think the most ironic thing about this whole issue is that it got this way because of FREED SLAVES going BACK to Africa. The American dream; no matter what your colour, you can still go back to the third world and fuck with darky.

Three because I'm bitter about this beating my sub out of the hopper, and I liked mine better. Good day to you, sir!

SteamPoweredKleenex - 2010-01-24

It's almost an "abused child syndrome" story played on a nation-state scale.

Victims making victims.

That said, this is even more frightening than most nuclear post-apocs I've read about or seen.

Cleaner82 - 2010-01-24

This is one of the most horrible things I've ever watched with rapt attention.

Cleaner82 - 2010-01-24

Are you ready? We're going to Baboon Town in the Red Light District to meet General Bin Laden.

Witty_Pop_Culture_Reference - 2010-01-24

You know what? I actually feel sorry for submitting this.

It's like no matter what else you are gonna show me, I'm just gonna think 'Yeah, well, it's not fucking Liberia, is it?'.

BorrowedSolution - 2010-01-24

Does this doco go into the story of the women of Liberia (Christians and Muslims got together on this one), who dressed in white for several months, protested in the streets, and eventually managed to convince the boy soldiers to hand their guns away, for free? I didn't watch too much of this one, having seen/heard of all the horrors in Pray the Devil Back to Hell...

BorrowedSolution - 2010-01-24

Oh,they also forced peace talks between Taylor and the warlords, and just generally outballsed some of the most terrible men alive.

godot - 2010-01-24

Thing about Liberia is that its still part of the continent, with porous borders. I still think of Haiti as the proverbial "canary in a coal-mine" for giving the rest of us advance warning of the effects of overpopulation, deforestation, limited education and bad government, and just now the collapse of all social services.

In Haiti the poor ate mud pies made with vegetable shortening for sustenance, if they can afford it. Liberia just has corruption, bad governance, and a generation of rapist addict children. Those are small issues compared to 8 million trapped on an island that can possibly support 4-5.

Witty_Pop_Culture_Reference - 2010-01-24

You missed the part about 'most of the population has practiced cannibalism'.

I'd take the mud pies, honestly. Watch the video.

nemeses9 - 2010-01-24

This is the most frightening thing I've ever seen.

I'd rather the world be nuked then end up like this.

memedumpster - 2010-01-25

Don't sell people short, you might get both.

Witty_Pop_Culture_Reference - 2010-01-24

Also, the mud pies thing isn't new, or unique. In other cultures they mix ashes and animal fat for the same effect. But that doesn't mean it still doesn't really fucking suck and Haitians obviously deserve sympathy and compassion. After seeing this video I'd only barely want to be in Haiti more than Liberia, is my point.

Witty_Pop_Culture_Reference - 2010-01-24

sorry meant for ^^^^ godot's comment.

THA SUGAH RAIN - 2010-01-25

Can some one please explain what the fuck the deal is with releasing episodes in unknown time frames? Why cant they just upload the whole thing and make me ignore a shampoo commercial like hulu.

glasseye - 2010-01-25

I suspect the folks at Vice are Canadians. They have not basked in the light of Hulu.

Anhedonia - 2010-01-25

The comments are fantastic!
"We can ship these guys to Haiti. plenty of bodies to dine on.. they will be full for months. "

Freeman Gordon - 2010-01-25

If one man has huge balls, it's this guy.

Kumquatxop - 2010-01-31

holy motherfuck

RockBolt - 2010-03-17

'vice guide' tag please

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