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Influence Device TIMR - 2010-02-25

utterly adorable.

five stars!

Iron Xides - 2010-02-25

one got away

Angel Carver - 2010-02-25


Cube - 2010-02-25

I wonder if it tickles.

Crucifried - 2010-02-25

The egg hatched... and a hundred baby spiders came out... and they ate her.

Meatsack Jones - 2010-02-25

Thankfully that's all implanted. Enjoy you remaining hyper-accelerated lifespan.

MasturbationDestination - 2010-02-25


Caminante Nocturno - 2010-02-25

Wolf spiders are acceptable creatures.

APE_GOD - 2010-02-25


Syd Midnight - 2010-02-25

Why couldn't Charlotte's Web have ended this way?

augias - 2010-02-25

dupe: http://poetv.com/video.php?vid=62292

I won't one star or bellyache though because people need to be reminded that this shit exists and it will kill you and your loved ones.

Merzbau - 2010-02-25

Related videos: Infant Covered In Wolf Spiders

Frank Rizzo - 2010-02-25

I award you 5 invisa-stars

Frank Rizzo - 2010-02-25

-1 star for lack of "nightmare fuel" tag.

chairsforcheap - 2010-02-25

i stepped on one of these once and karma got me back immediately through a swarm of clear baby spiders that started crawling up my leg

petep - 2010-02-25

oh, that's terrible

FABIO - 2010-02-26

That spider is on welfare.

Jet Bin Fever - 2010-02-26


Lauritz Melchior - 2010-02-26

They cling to her for the coldth.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2010-02-26

I believe I speak for everyone who hates spiders when I say KILL IT WITH FIRE AHHH AHHHHHHHHH

memedumpster - 2010-02-26


gambol - 2010-04-28

I don't like this one bit.

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