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Desc:Gingers do have souls.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Classic TV Clips
Tags:South Park, Cartman, gingers, also his balls are rouge
Submitted:James Woods
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Comment count is 27
south park is gay
Why is South Park being happy a bad thing?

oh man i hope butters plays joshu2ber in that episode
South Park just up and decided "Fuck it, lets just make south park versions of internet memes."
wtf japan
Yeah, especially if those memes are made in direct response to a South Park episode.


BIlly Mays Here
South Park just up and decided "Fuck it" years ago

Isn't this episode also going to have Tiger Woods stuff? Comedy Central could save a lot of money if they filled that slot with Daniel Songer reading the newspaper.

Adham Nu'man
Hey dudes, I am the "cool", jaded token guy that shows up at about this point in any similar comment thread to tell you all that it's not a big deal either way, and how come something so trivial as Southpark is tearing poetv apart.

With this, I earn mad street cred points.
I'm the guy that would give you 5 stars for no apperent reason

I'm the guy that provides 5 stars for the guy that forgot to bring them.

You're but a pale shadow of the starless posters.

Has Presidente Locos sent you? Five stars for Presidente Locos.

Rev. Blackson Pollock
Viva el Locos!

Ha ha self-aware posts aren't a joke that needs to die AT ALL

Torture the Artist
but they were shifting paradigms! they were breaking down walls! this new world... these new feelings!

i'll never forget the lessons you taught me, self-aware posters. return now to the stars from whence you came!

James Woods
five ninja stars in your skull


I think this is interesting because it will show how far the creators are willing to push this thing. Will they try to atone for getting this poor ginger bullied because of one of their episode or will they bully him even more and slowly push him towards slitting his wrist online.

Picking on a dead Steve Irwin is almost politically correct in comparison.
It may be near irrelevant in its preaching at this point, but goddamn it if it isn't Tim and Eric.
blah blah blah i hate you blah blah blah fiving it anyway

I wish I was cool enough to hate people doing what they love to make people laugh.
They need to resurrect Isaac Hayes and stop picking up writers from Law & Order.
And yes I know they are the indirect cause of kick a ginger day. They still could afford to hire some writers, they get paid like three yachts an episode.

It's funny because the ginger kid referenced South Park as the source of... you know what, nevermind, this humor is way too highbrow you plebeians.
James Woods
It has to be said that the creators of South Park said 'fuck it' when they decided to put their show together using pieces of felt. Everyone complaining that south park jumped the shark has misunderstood the nature of south park in this man's humble opinion.
Caminante Nocturno
This isn't anime.

1 star!
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