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Desc:His English is still better than your Swedish
Category:Educational, Humor
Tags:Swedish, slut, learn to shop at ikea, dumber than every swede
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Comment count is 12
Every Swede I've ever encountered has an irrational self-importance, but I love them anyway.

This is the country that basically just said "Nah" to World War 2.
Im sorry my little American friend but i didnt pay attention to what you were saying. I was busy reading about the time when you were a colony of ours. Seriously though most Swedes abroad are either Hippies and Weeaboos who gets all giggly when they are in a different country even though they simply are complete fags who watches too much Anime or reads Twilight instead of actually having any genuine interest in other cultures, or right_wing "Nationalists" who never shuts up about the Empire or the Viking Age and yet cannot get off Natos or Israels dick for one minute and wants the American military to protect us because apparently we are to retarded to handle shit ourselves.

Wow, you just described me! Spot on!

I love that the rules of the language include "you just have to fucking learn it."
about as simple as english.

and yay swedes are adorable.
Oh Kennydra, your POETV official typically gay male.

I'm almost sure this is a dupe, but I didn't rate it the first time around. So.... 5 stars! This guy rocks.
Which king would do that? Not ours.
The most informative Swedish video since stampa med leroy
Daughters of Uzbek
Swedish is fairly easy for most English-speakers to learn, at least relative to other languages. Both languages were heavily influenced by Eastern Old Norse.

The more salient question is why would anyone not in Sweden bother?
This language is dildoes.
Is that a good thing?

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