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Desc:Blues singer from the 1930's sings about titties and dicks. NSFW
Category:Humor, Arts
Tags:blues, Lucille Bogan, just plain filthy
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Lil Ol' Kim.
My mom hipped me to this song when I was in high school. She's an odd duck.
This is the kind of shit I think about when dumbfucks try to talk about how everything was more genteel in Ye Olden Days.
Syd Midnight
For every opera there's 100 folk songs about dicks, titties, and asses that scholars do not see fit to save for posterity.

History is written by those with the most power and the worst taste.

Lucille Bogan was worth 1000 Wagners.

The blues was invented so that you could keep playing the same riff and devote your creativity to coming up with good euphemisms for doin' it.
Good point. For instance "I fucked all night" is a euphemism for "I did it all night" in this here song.

The best euphemisms are the ones where it makes it sound worse, like "jelly roll" this and that.

Syd Midnight
"spoonful" has always vaguely nauseated me

"i'm gonna fuck you til you cry" what is that a euphemism for capitalism

"Your goddam asshole stands open like a church door"
my cock is made of brass
Adham Nu'man
The sacrilegious part is what earned it five stars.
Being able to tell your grandparents they're full of shit: priceless.

elm axo
cuts out at the spot where Bogan took a impromptu dump on the microphone for laughs
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I believe it.
Damn that's filthy.
I can't believe I hadn't rated this yet. I also can't believe I wasn't the one who submitted it. This and Butcher Pete are my favorites.
First record I ever bought.

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