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Desc:Yes, they're still making these.
Category:News & Politics, Arts
Tags:glenn beck, autotune, autotune the news
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Comment count is 13
Joel Madden from Good Charlotte hopped on the band wagon? I'm sorry, but this is just unwatchable. Should I give it fives stars to voice my displeasure, or none because I don't like this even in a 'Oh that's terrible, but's it's like some sort of rare breed so it's great' way.
It didn't finish the awful entertainment loop-back to entertaining and petered out at being simply terrible.

I wish I could give this negative stars.
The world has moved on and left you behind, Autotune the News. We're all on to Five Second Fi-

Hang on. We're all on to Everything Is Te...

We're all watching, uh, something new now.
We're still hip-deep in Daniel Songer and Chris-Chan.

The only thing I'm curious about with the Autotune guys is what possessed them to do that RNC gig for young Republicans, and what came of it.

I suppose if they become truly un-funny, they can be on that "Right to Laugh" show.

I can't say that I'm proud to have submitted this, but it was there and needed to be exposed like the underside of a fat man's tit.
Don't apologize; embrace your... whatever the fuck this shit is.

I appreciate having the opportunity to exercise the two star button every now and again.

I haven't used this two-star button for quite a while now. Maybe two-stars can become the new one-star for a while.

Feels good man

Syd Midnight
Splatterbabble took one for the team. It happens.

Jet Bin Fever
Let's flog that dead horse till we make it home ladies and gentlemen.
This is for Katie Couric playing a Theremin.
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