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Desc:by a 2 year old scientist
Category:Educational, Business
Tags:ICP, scientists, miracles, fuckin magnets, poop tief
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Comment count is 7
Smellvin - 2010-06-11
If I'm not mistaken, we still don't quite understand the quantum forces that attract positively and negatively charged particles much in the same way we don't fully know what causes gravitational attraction, weak force, or strong force.

I'm certain that's what ICP was referring to when they asked the question.
Smellvin - 2010-06-11
I always forget that sarcastic tone doesn't actually get transmitted through text. Just apply the standard HTML sarcasm tag to the last sentence above.

Camonk - 2010-06-11
I've always assumed that everybody read this place with full-on sarcasm filters, just constantly.

I recently found out that ain't so.

fatatty - 2010-06-11
Fuckin' sarcasm, how do they work?

charmlessman - 2010-06-11
I really enjoyed your comment, Smellvin.

memedumpster - 2010-06-11
Duh, obviously the Dark Carnival Ancient Shit inside the magnets exchanges photons between electrons, pulling them together with Juggalo Voodoo.

kingofthenothing - 2010-06-12
I guess for trailer park philosophers it comes down to this:

Science: good enough to tell you how to MAKE Meth, not good enough to solve the questions that blow your mind when you're ON Meth.

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