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Desc:David Attenborough narrates.
Category:Horror, Nature & Places
Tags:rabbit, BBC, life, david attenborough, stoat
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Comment count is 24
Caminante Nocturno
Wild rabbits are such foul little beasts.
gonna lock you in a cage with a stoat

all hail the stoat
This is no hypno-stoat

I'd hate to see the real hypno-stoat then.

The other rabbits sure don't help.
Caminante Nocturno
They're all libertarians.

Apparently being chased down and killed by a predator in rabbit society is sort of like having an unsightly zit as a human. The proper response is to just to politely ignore it.

Good ol' shotgun mics, making sure I can hear the rabbit's neck crunching.
It's a weasel!
Bart: Come on, Lis', there's gotta be a way to lure that badger out.
Lisa: Well, according to 'whatbadgerseat.com', Badgers subsist primarily on a diet of stoats, voles, and marmots.
Bart: Hmm, stoats, stoats..
Lisa: Stoats are weasels, Bart. They don't come in cans.
Bart: Oh yeah, then what's this?
Lisa: That says corn, Bart.
Comrade Admiral
haha like in the simpsons!

what are you going to do with all that rabbit
Timothy A. Bear
all that rabbit inside those jeans
my lovely lady stoat

Lendri or homba might be worse, but stoats are still definitely elil

PS: Cute on cute violence
Mister Yuck
Nine years after I first read Watership Down, I learn what a stoat is.

I'm getting sick of all these stoat videos. GIVE THE STOATS A FUCKING REST ALREADY.
Also, the fact that the rabbits just stand around while their friend's spinal cord is slowly and publicly gnawed in half by a tiny rat made me hate rabbits.

Huh. I had no idea. Amazing that they can do that with such small jaws.
One of the most entertaining parts of Life. This entire segment is absolutely adorable and hysterical.
Brian Jacques wept.
This is fine with the vuvuzela button on.
The highest rated Youtube comment is "This is why you should stack stam in PvP"
Syd Midnight
Being a carnivore owns so hard
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