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Desc:A scene from a TV show pitch for a half-hour animated sitcom made by furries, for furries.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Horror
Tags:Bambi, furry, wtf, jewish neckbeard, zoo u
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Comment count is 26
wow this is way creepier than I thought it would be
Jesus. I never imagined 'zoo u' would ever become a linked tag. I figured that guy would have given up by now.
out of all the reprehensible shit in this, the third person thing really did it for me.
That drops for no reason, cause the writer is an idiot. And an asshole. And a stupid cunt.

thats how numb to this horrible shit we are.

The author's Mary Sue is a fat bloateed piece of shit just like him. Way to reach for the stars, pal.
Wait, "dad?"

In this warped universe, people give birth to humans and furries?

I know the whole "mating" thing is already effed up in furry-dom resulting in mouse-dog-dwaggin hybrids, but damn. This is a whole new level of creepy.
To quote the YouTube channel:

"Greetings and welcome to Zoo U! Zoo U is a half-hour adult animated sitcom about two college freshmen, Chad and Alan, who decide to follow Chad's newly discovered anthropomorphic vixen half-sister to college on her home planet."

So to answer your question, the black guy's dad (or mother) was abducted by furries, raped, then his offspring were taken back to a furry planet to be reared as one of them.

At least some animation company is being kept afloat by this delusional furry's pipe dream, I guess.
It looks like this is the company that he hired: http://www.storyboards-east.com/animat.htm

Furries. I hate these guys.
Won't Disney or somebody sue them over this?
Official homepage of "Zoo U", where you can read the pilot:

Caminante Nocturno
Every time this tries to be funny, it gets too distracted by its own boner to succeed.
Peep Show already did the "working on a laptop while in a strip club" scenario. One difference is that Peep Show's version was intentionally creepy and uncomfortable.
Also the people behind Peep Show are funny. Also they're not horrible. Also I don't want either Mitchell or Webb to get AIDScancer and die.

I miss the good old days when people just fucked animals and never spoke of it in public.

I'm glad they included some mockery of people who don't want to bone deer at 1:51.

My favourite part is the bit where they don't even try to create women-things that are anything more than 1-dimensional spank fodder.
She goes to strip clubs and kisses other girls, but she can't use personal pronouns! Furries and retard fetishists, you have found your common ground.

Shoebox Joe
You're watching Animal Planet.

Right now "Zoo U: 5th year Anniversery"

Cut to author interview, author is wearing a black tee with words "Got tits?" with the last two consonents blacked out by his desk lamp. A disembodied voice continues the interview.

"How did you come up with 'Zoo U'?"

"I came up with the idea because 'Father of The Pride' got canceled really early and I saw what was wrong with it. It didn't give any human ralation what so ever. It tried to be adult but that was it. I was just appalled at how miniscule it's writing compass was. So I decided to make mine revolve around college since their's was revolved around a family which doesn't really chaffeur to a wide group especially since it's revolving around adult humor. Everyone can relate to college because college has a lot of adult stuff in it and it can be hilarious if you use the right material."

"Do you think everyone gets it?"

"No not everyone, obviously children are not going to get it but I'm not catering to them. I'm catering to the people who actually want to be entertained and want good jokes they can relate to. I know what you're thinking, 'it's a show about alien animals from another planet attending college and doing human stuff but they're still animals' well I'm very compassionate towards people who don't know what's going on, so I made the two main protagonists human. It's all about relating to the audience watching when it comes to making good writing."

"Do you feel you made Jodie too smart?"

"Ha ha, you can never be too smart."

"Now about Jodie's sister, why a fox?"

"Well, because foxes are smart and clever and really you can't move the story along if there's two stupid people and only one smart person. I tried to put her as a camel, but it just didn't fit. I mean, what are camels anyways? Camel toe? You can't make a series based solely off of sex jokes, that's stupid and it doesn't relate to virgins."

"What are your influences?"

"Porkie's, it was just hilarious watching High Schoolers outsmart a redneck."

"Who do you idol?"

"Definitely not Micheal Jackson. What a waste of talent. But no, really it would have to be John K. I saw Ren and Stimpy last week, I'm surprised I didn't get bored, but his latest episodes are just funny as hell."

"It was a pleasure meeting you."

"The pleasure was all mine."

Cut to segment of a "Zoo U" fan.

Editor's note: "Do you think T.V. has too many boundries?" will be kept for special edition DVD
Shoebox Joe
Apologies for the typo of "Jodie's sister", but it is not that far off for relevant grossness anyways.

Rum Revenge
Somehow, I found this more disturbing than straight-up furry porn.
A PLANET WHERE STRIPPERS EVOLVE FROM DEER??!? wait hang on, pretend i'm charlton heston when i do that
Syd Midnight
I was going to cry dupe, but the video I was expecting was some OTHER Zoo U video. In that episode the neckbeards roommate is a dog woman, and when she tries to study they throw a dog toy at her so she has to roll around on the floor chewing it helplessly while they laugh at her.

They can't even pretend they don't want to fuck animals long enough to make a sales pitch.
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