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Desc:Samwise Gamgee is an idiot.
Category:Classic Movies, Arts
Tags:lord of the rings, lotr, ralph bakshi, Rotoscope
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Comment count is 26
Killer Joe
Right now your cheerful tune sounds like the groans of the dead echoing off the tombs of despair, Sam.
You know, Sam, I hear people talk... I know what they think about me. You do like me, don't you Sam? You're not like all the others, are you?
Who did they rotoscope? Chunk from Goonies?
Goofy Gorilla
A, ahem, British Person! GET IT?!

i think it's based on that old "Old Hag or Beautiful Woman" optical illusion...


I loved this movie to death when I was little.
a flaming monkey
Same here. A shame it was never finished. It ended so abruptly after Helm's Deep.

There was the made-for-tv version of Return of the King, including the rocking orc anthem "Where There's a Whip."

Syd Midnight
Yeah they got the Hobbit team to finish it up, so it was still awesome, just not in the same way it started

This movie is still pretty great in many ways.

Rape Van Winkle
"You could stick your dick in my ass, if that would help, Mr. Frodo."
So, i haven't read the books, is their homo-erotic relation also implied in them?
No, it's not implied. They are out of the closet in the books. In fact the whole thing is pretty much like 3 big long gay romance novels.

a flaming monkey
Hey man, if you had to travel thousands of miles through the shit, eating nothing but elf biscuits, in order to drop a piece of evil jewellery into a volcano, then I guarantee that you would end up sleeping with your best friend too... and also your cousins... and possibly Aragorn.

Boy, that chili went right through me. I really need to drop a load of elf biscuits.

Also, we need a "share the load" tag.

It's not homoerotic, it's that whole British Master/Valet thing.

Ok, so I guess that's pretty flaming.

astropod five
This is like a Kate Beaton parody, except it's the actual thing.
Caminante Nocturno
god damn it sam i'm trying to open up to you
I just want to give a thousand stars for all the comments here, cause I havent laughed like that for a while
All it's missing is Sam rolling his eyes at the very beginning.

"Oh great. I know what's coming, he's going to talk about the - yep, he's talking about the damned ring again."
Aaand then the toadstools kicked in.
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