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Desc:Surprisingly bad ass, it's a shame that the game is totally gonna blow. (This link actually works!)
Category:Video Games
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Comment count is 29
Call me when MMOs actually play like that. Actually don't because then I'll never leave my room again.
Typical of recent MMORPGs, this is just a cinematic featuring no actual gameplay, starring characters that you can't really even play.

Still fun to watch, though.
Can i play as Reverse Flash?
Rape Van Winkle
The guy who moves really slow, and isn't very funny?


Doctor Zoom? What a great name for a villain.

Trailer looks like an awesome story. Game will inevitably be a grinding bore-fest.
I want this game to be good. I really, really do.

But I don't have a lot of hope.
The only real question from my point of view is if it will be worse than, or merely as bad as, Champions

it might be better than champions, the combat is better at least.

I played at a demo booth last year and it plays like a single player superhero/fighting game, instead of like WoW with spandex.

Why don't they just make a cg movie out of this instead of some shitty MMO?
It would just end up like Advent Children anyway. One long boring action scene/music video.

I did the lighting for a few shots in this.

Originally, Batman was going to get strung up by the neck, but they were worried about clearing the ESRB.
Which shots? I think it's safe to say that you did an awesome job.


- shot where batman turns and runs from the huge explosion
- three shots starting where batman gets up out of the rubble
- shot of Brainiac ships in the sky and following reaction shot of Luthor

Kevlar armor is to the 00s what pouches were to the 90s.
Rape Van Winkle
Batman has worn kevlar as long as there's been kevlar.

It goes under his tights.

kevlar bat nipples

Rape Van Winkle
In case of the dreaded nipple shot.

Nipple ricochets.

Rape Van Winkle
It's rare to meet girls of that . . . barrel diameter.

Well, yes, Mr. Van Winkle, but I don't think I've ever seen The fucking FLASH use it. I mean, what the fuck does Flash need a bulletproof vest for? Isn't "shaking so fast that shit passes through him" a regular part of his arsenal?

Rape Van Winkle
Tragic limitation, that hero.

He only shakes like that until you irish up his coffee.

Rape Van Winkle
This actually was pretty bad ass.

I thought Black Adam would give superman more of a fight.

I thought he was barely more powerful than Captain Marvel, who in turn is about as strong and durable as Superman.

But I'm not a DC guy.

Any comic nerds on here to clarify or confirm?
So ashamed that I know the answers to these questions...

Black Adam is more powerful than Captain Marvel, but only because Marvel has shared a fraction of his powers with Captain Marvel Jr. and Mary Marvel. Black Adam did the same thing a while back, and gave some of his powers to his wife and her brother, but then they both died so I think his powers all went back to him.

Superman is objectively quite a bit stronger than either Captain Marvel or Black Adam. HOWEVER, Superman is also vulnerable to magic. Since the Marvel family's powers (incl. Black Adam) are all magic-based, when he gets hit by one of them it actually hurts him a lot more than if he were fighting a comparable, non-magic opponent.

In short, although Superman could, say, lift a heavier building than Black Adam could, due to Adam being magic-powered they're actually pretty evenly matched when fighting each other.

Rape Van Winkle
That's what I'm saying . . . I figured Superman would win an all out brawl, but it seems like Black Adam should have done more damage on the way there.

DC cunts seem to ignore the magic vulnerability these days. Shoulda made it an easy win for Thor in the crossover(s).

Appreciate the info by the way.

The Great Hippo

Notice that, when we first see Superman, he is way out in the space boonies in front of the sun. He is soaking in a shitload of sunlight to power himself up for the inevitable confrontation with Brainiac (which Luthor interrupts).

Also, when he fights Adam, he's desperate enough to stop holding back (Black Adam always goes for the kill, Superman doesn't).

The Great Hippo
Also, the only truly 'magic' attack that Black Adam has is his Shazam Lightning Bolt. Which is a risky gambit, because every so often Superman is fast enough to grab him and throw him into it.

Superman should use like a 30ft long pike with a grasper on the end at all times so he never has to get near anything ever. You'ed think he would at least have some kind of protection suit or use his xray vision so he doesn't rush to the aid of dead bodies filled with his one weakness.

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