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Desc:Young man gloats over collection of 50+ baby boomer clothes
Category:Fashion, Educational
Tags:black people, white people, polo, jose hustle, been had week
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Comment count is 13
Dread Pirate Roberts
After hearing "Been Had" over and over again... all I heard was "bin head".

Quite an intense obsession there.
Imagine each garment cost . Some probably cost more, some less. I'd say it's a good conservative estimate. Multiply that by 50 garments and you get 00.

I don't think he bought these on sale, so an additional 0 for any overage seems reasonable.

00 worth of clothes. I don't even think I have 00 worth of clothes and I have a larger closet than he does and it's halfway full - and I'm at least 10 or 12 years older than this guy so I've had more time to collect.

One of those garments could have rented a rug doctor to clean that stain in his floor, too.
wtf japan
I think it's a strong likelihood that those aren't all his clothes. He probably rolls with a stylistically coordinated crew, so this really wouldn't be that difficult to pull off as a collaborative effort.

Seltzer water in the fridge, "boring oats" with old man on the box in the cupboard.
Mike Tyson?!
So he basically wears the same thing every day?
Robin Kestrel
Gotta keep them horses on you.

I want to hear a mix of this.
can we NOT have been had week?
someone hates blacks!!!

La Loco
Wish he been had polio.
So "been had" means pregnant with material crap or something, right?
Pokemon ketchup like mustard
The Mothership
I am clearly not up on my belt game.
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