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Desc:Thought I would discuss games that should be released in the US.
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:Nintendo, demoniusx, Demonius X, demoniux
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Dr Dim
I don't want to talk about what he says because it's boring and I didn't listen, but how does that facial hair work? Does he shave his face and just leave the neck for some reason, or has his fatty neck roll dragged all the hair follicles down somehow? I notice the ginger guy from that movie site has the same thing.
Banal Intercourse
It's the "Bloattee".

The shading on his second, third, and fourth chins is supposed to make them look thinner, or even invisible. When he looks at himself in the mirror after shaving, his self image tells him to ignore the dark shaded neck as negative space and now his face and chin have the proper shape.

I like how he smokes his teenage-girl cigarette like he's Wolverine. It has that je ne sais quoi like when a cartoon drinks a root beer and acts drunk. It's just great.
What's that, floating Castlevania monster head, you want to talk to me about video games?
Please, stop; I agree with you already, now please untie me, get me out of this basement, and don't touch me anymore--I just want to go home.
Give us a time to skip to, I can't last more than ten seconds of this crap.

The only DemoniusX video I ever made it all the way through was the time someone used audio to troll TF2.
All I notice is him ranting at whoever keeps on sending him messages while he's recording this vlog and adding sounds to his video. "Whoever's doing that, fucking stop it." Because they are totally messaging you while watching this.
"You're an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks, to collect a bill."
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