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Desc:German explanation of too much fun.
Tags:Cars, drugs, Dont Do
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Comment count is 13
german humor.
Frank Rizzo
should not have been so funny.
Booze and glue.
the wipers got me good.

(because my first thought was "why isn't it working?")

(i am drunk)
The wipers got me, too.

This is honestly WAY more effective at convincing me not to drive drunk than anything the people in America have been paid to make ever produced.

The wipers got me as well, and I'm not even slightly drunk.

It turns out there are more of these. The ten things you shouldn't do when you're a teacher are pretty awesome.
German humor contains a lot of itemized lists; a format such as this one produces ten punchlines for the cost of one set-up, making it nine times more efficient than an American joke.

spoonybard, ten is ten times more than one, not nine times more.

10 1 = 10

and i guess this was funny but he never crashed; it was only implied. was this just a joke or was it actually supposed to be a deterrent?

Ten times AS efficient

Nine times MORE efficient

german key word: efficiency
that was meant to be a reply, but whatever... jawohl!

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