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Desc:It was 'suspiciously close' to an elementary school.
Category:News & Politics, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Police, Bombs, Cops, ponies, safe from terrorism
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The Mothership
Surely it was ticking, or something? A threat was sent? Surely the police did not detonate an abandoned toy in the middle of a parking lot just cause they were panic stricken loons, but they did so because they had genuine reason to believe that it was filled with explosives and/or smilex gas?

Someone at the department didn't want their budget cut next year?

Hell not long ago a bomb squad blew up what turned out to be a box of cash and old coins left as a donation in front of a church


It's not exactly rocket science. Their work day can either involve them blowing some shit up or not.

Well, terrorists: congratulations. I believe this means you win. Something this asinine never would've happened before Sept. 2001.
Menudo con queso
Actually this has nothing to do with the post-9/11 mentality: this town just happens to be populated entirely with descendants of ancient Trojans who see any horse and are all like, "Never again, motherfucker!"

poetic perfection
Caminante Nocturno
Flordia is a strange land.
Psychedelic mushrooms are legal in Florida. Just saying.

My targeted ad is targeted:

The 9mm is No Defense
Discover What Self Defense Masters & The Army Don't Want You To Know
They ignored six suspicious white ponies and singled out that one.
The Mothership
Yes, here.

Little do they know that the smug frog has a ribbeting surprise.
You never know, could have been a furry in there.
Dread Pirate Roberts
Gotta take away a star because there was no police man going "well, this suspicious pony is sitting here, and we don't want to take a chance. The best course of action was to terminate it and remove any danger the pony may have had the potential to cause."

And this is kind of common in TerrorLand nowadays. There was a huge bomb scare in my city, all because some old lady saw a susicous box with wires behind the post office. Turned out, it was a Dell computer tower with the outer case taken off. It had been put out behind the back door as trash.

Still, took them like two hours to figure that out, because: "OMG, an old lady said there was a bomb!"

Same as the Mooninite Bomb Scare of Boston.

"safe from terrorism?" More like ""they won."
"oh no! i left my pony sparkles outside and its show and tell! oh i hope she will be okay until after school!"

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