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Desc:Having seen the whole movie, I can confirm that this makes no sense in context either.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Arts
Tags:WTF Russia, baffling dance number, Dobrynya Nikitich i Zmey Gorynych
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Comment count is 12
I just watched The Lovely Bones last night, this could have been an alternate ending.
Russia, the greatest animators in the world and also the makers of some of the worst cartoons in history.
Is that the movie's name in the tags? Is there a subtitled version? I want to see this.
Yeah, Dobrynya Nikitich i Zmey Gorynych (Добрыня Никитич и Змей Горыныч) is the name. The full version is on YouTube in several pieces, but no subtitles. Even without subs though, it's pretty insane. The fight with Baba Yaga's chicken-footed cabin (no that's not a metaphor - the thing literally has giant chicken legs and runs around kicking the shit out of people) at the end is almost loonier then this, but I can't find a clip of just that.

Baba Yaga is a Russian staple. It would be kind of weird if her house didn't walk around.

Caminante Nocturno
Trailer for the gritty new 'Bratz' reboot.
Rodents of Unusual Size
No, they're wearing too many clothes and the fat one would never make the cut.

It's nice to know that Mua'dib allows the spice to flow into ancient Russia.

Billy the Poet
They, apparently, will be busting the moves and busting the rhymes.

You'll be busting out laughing!

'Cause it's PARTY TIME!

Why is the fat one wearing orange? Everyone knows the fat one wears green.
Rum Revenge
I beg to differ - the funny fat one always wears a warm color, to make their fatness stand out more.

Aren't these one of the Mid Bosses in Final Fantasy IV?
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